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  1. palmeza

    [WIP] Infernal Robotics - Next

    Please include this mod in CKAN
  2. palmeza

    [FR] Discord francophone KSP

    Une commu KSP fr vocal active? J'en suis
  3. Hi, this mod is dead ? If yes, can you share the source to continue it please? sorry for my english
  4. palmeza

    Section française officielle

    Tentes du coté de
  5. palmeza

    Section française officielle

    content de savoir qu'une traduction officielle est en court en tout cas
  6. Hello, I thought a "gimbal dock" for tow would be welcome in this mod In the manner of a Grappling Device but with a docking port (not knowing the same to me I post here my idea) thanks Sorry for my english bye