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  1. ArrrThePirate

    Part Action menu

    I would like a few more details if you remember them. What were you doing when it happened? Was it a brand new game or one with some progress? Was it sandbox, career o science? I have both versions available to test them and I'm not able to reproduce it.
  2. ArrrThePirate

    Part Action menu

    Ok, I found the issue you talk about in the other thread. Does it happen on XB1 only or is it reproducible on PS4 as well? Also, what controller preset are you using? In the Cursor preset the PAW opens with B on XB1 and with Circle on PS4 In the Radial preset the PAW opens with X on XB1 and with Square on PS4 In the Simplified preset the PAW opens with B on XB1 and with Circle on PS4
  3. Hi Cat! Could you tell me what bug is that?
  4. ArrrThePirate

    Kerbal Personnel Parachutes are Wrong..

    Not anymore Thanks for the feedback!
  5. ArrrThePirate

    Checkpoints become dirty

    Could you share your mission to check it out and give me the exact point where it happened??
  6. ArrrThePirate

    Checkpoints become dirty

    Hi tomf! A dirty checkpoint is one that has become invalid because the mission designer has changed something in the mission. Say they save a checkpoint for Jeb on EVA, and then go back and edit the kerbal to be Valentina. That checkpoint is now considered dirty. All checkpoints created after that one will also become invalid since, let's put it this way, they are pointing at something that is not happening in the future of the mission.
  7. Hi Hurzelgnurk! So you built your saturn in sandbox and then moved the craft file to your mission?
  8. ArrrThePirate

    Saves not loading

    that shouldn't be possible! We just tested it and it indeed breaks your save file, the 'delete' button should be disabled when you select your persistent save. Nice find!
  9. ArrrThePirate

    Saves not loading

    Could you tell me what platform are you all playing on? Cheers!
  10. ArrrThePirate

    Game reverts back before last action

    Hi OrganizedChaos, We seem to have confirmed this issue now since a few people have reported it and the devs are working on it. However, there seems to be a simple workaround to avoid the state of the game reverting. Simply accept the contract and wait for a few seconds (20-30 seconds) and then go back to the KSC. The contracts should be there. If the contracts are there and the tourists disappear, could you try the same workaround? Cheers!
  11. Hi bordakius, Do you have any other details that could have caused this issue? I was notified of the issue earlier today and I tried to replicate it with 4 vessels orbiting around Kerbin, but all I get is a normal switch to the vessel I selected. Are you using stock vessels or custom ones? Are they all the same vessel or different ones? Are you using or did you use any cheats at any point in that game? Could you create a new game an see if it happens? Thanks!