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  1. Hi! We see our craft with lights save their colors when loaded. Is the craft you are using new? Could you share the craft file? Could you try loading this one? Police Rover.craft
  2. Whatever your Kerbals have in their inventory will persist through recoveries. Default equipment is jetpack and parachute, let's say you replace those with a battery and a barometer, If you don't place or remove those two parts from their inventory, when you recover them they will have those in their inventories, if you remove the parts and recover them, they will appear with an empty inventory. If you leave that option unchecked, they will always get their default equipment ( jetpack and parachute) back when recovered.
  3. Your props are hitting the ground once you increase torque/RPMs, try moving them to the center of the rotor or moving the rotor up
  4. Can you try something like this? How are you attaching one Elevon to another? That may be the issue. Maybe try wing connectors or the FAT-455.
  5. I would like a few more details if you remember them. What were you doing when it happened? Was it a brand new game or one with some progress? Was it sandbox, career o science? I have both versions available to test them and I'm not able to reproduce it.
  6. Ok, I found the issue you talk about in the other thread. Does it happen on XB1 only or is it reproducible on PS4 as well? Also, what controller preset are you using? In the Cursor preset the PAW opens with B on XB1 and with Circle on PS4 In the Radial preset the PAW opens with X on XB1 and with Square on PS4 In the Simplified preset the PAW opens with B on XB1 and with Circle on PS4
  7. Could you share your mission to check it out and give me the exact point where it happened??
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