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  1. I just saw the ad too- And what's more, it includes a lot (okay, not compared to the insanity of a full suggestion thread, but still) of suggestions from the forums.
  2. I'm not going to pick up this game for awhile after launch- That's partly money related, but also related to this. If KSP 2 ends up getting dabbed on by Take 2 Interactive execs and has microtransactions, I'm not buying it. And we've seen that AAA companies will do things like... - Put lootboxes in a game later to avoid bad press - Rename microtransactions My trust is there for Squad, but not for Take 2. Good luck Squad.
  3. ...............................Okay then.
  4. Just like the title. For context, when I say tracking spotlights, I' m referring to these, from WWI and WWII Are these possible to create in KSP? At all?
  5. Thanks dude! I was trying to get a military modpack for 1.4.5 going, and I remembered this one- Thank you for getting it running again!
  6. No, I scrapped the base after reworking it for awhile, and came up with a design that doesn’t immediately detonate on stage seperation.
  7. Haven't forgotten this challenge... Just having "technical difficulties"
  8. Blam. Done, video below. Refuel at station was just so that I could pick where to land at the end to test my new Soyuz landing setup
  9. Saw challenge- Built craft- Flew Craft- Recorded Video- Now I just need to edit and upload, and post here- But it's midnight... So.... Maybe tomorrow.
  10. Sooo... Some background first. I have a save in a stock 1.4.5 install that I do challenges in (specifically those that involve Minmus). The idea is that doing lots of challenges involving Minmus will build up documented infrastructure that I might be able to use in the future. So far, the base is just two of these spires (This is on the launchpad, but it was the coolest picture of one) ^And a hexagram orbital network in 100 km orbit (which rapidly fell apart into a weird cluster of orbits). And a 3 part space station! The three parts involved were the core, the airlock, and the arrays (both were on the same launch, solar and comms). Soon the fuel tanks and lander will be there. -------------------- Update! Spent about half an hour in the game, lost 9 minutes due to antenna strength and battery issues (I wanted the fuel module to look good, and not messy like the airlock section, so I didn't want to put anything on its side), but for my 30 minutes, the station now has a 64X, classic orange tank and a 1.5 ton lander that can, at least on paper, take two Kerbals to the surface of Minmus. The last two modules were launched with the same rocket, stacked on top of each other. The lander went smoothly enough while docking, being only slightly scary due to only having 20 units of mono-propellant- However, the fuel tank was a nightmare, due to having no solar panels and only a tiny amount of EC, meaning every use of the built-in reaction wheels could have made it inoperable. Some quick thinking and some RCS fanagailin' later, it docked with the station. I recorded all the modules on video, but my internet requires a 2 to 1 ratio of minutes to upload to minutes uploaded for super low quality screen capture, and 15/1 ratio for a clip edited down with Hitfilm express, so until I have a lot of free time where nobody is going to get liquided that the internet speed just got annihilated, those won't be up. ^^^Final station design, note the lander in the back, the solar panels, the insane comms, the airlock that gives a free docking node for future missions (and the mysterious goo), and the fuel tanks, ready to be used for... Something...
  11. Kinda feels like the art style is tearing itself in two- Going for the Kerbal look and the photo-realistic look at the same time... I'm a bit nervous, because one of the few things about this game I dislike is the feeling of putting legos together when I'm building a rocket, and clashing art styles can really amplify that effect.