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  1. Ok im stupid. I checked my fuel tanks and they had uneven amounts of fuel, I transferred the fuel between the tanks and now the ship is working properly again. Thanks HebaruSan for the reply.
  2. so im at a loss as to what is going on, i have been doing refueling mission on minmus. and now after undocking my refueler using the grabbing unit from my ship, the refueler now spins out of control any time i throttle. this doesn't make sense cause this is out of no where, i have been doing this for a while and everything has been fine until now. please need help!
  3. So I’ve lost my save twice now. Luckily the first time I had a backup in PS+. But this time I saved my game then quit and uploaded my save to the PS+ cloud. When I came back to play ,it said “could not load save” so I am screwed cause my back up is a corrupted file. I seriously don’t know why this happened. Last time I quit I made sure to wait for the save icon to go away, and then I quit the game. This needs to be fixed. and one more thing since, I now have to start a new game AGAIN! If I give myself like 1000 extra science/money at the start of my new game, will that disable trophies? I want to try and earn all trophies.
  4. I use the “USB Music” app on PS4 for listening to music. Just plug in a USB stick into the PS4 And start listening. It works great.
  5. January 16th! YES! I can not wait to play it.
  6. Problem is that I have been deprived of some good Kerbal space program. So I need this as soon as possible.
  7. Well it’s 2018, where’s my new KSP!!!
  8. Propellers, You mean like making helicopters? Can you actually do that in this game?
  9. Wow I’m surprised. Man I’m dying to play some KSP right now. The farthest I got on my PS4 game was landing a probe on eve. Afterwards I raged quit and stopped playing it cause of how broken the game was.
  10. Are you talking about the current console port? Cause I can’t bulid a ship without it freezing on me.
  11. I think it’s mainly caused by engines. Like if you have 4 or more engines on at once the smoke crashes (pun intended) the FPS. But it could also be caused by a multitude of other reason I’m unaware of.
  12. Gosh I can’t remember. Maybe 60-100 parts.
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