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  1. Indeed, the mass is simulated, I had envisioned something like what you mentioned, where you would need to make use of the helium resource, perhaps even go as far as to specify what levels of pressure and add a tank part for COPV's. Would be another thing to fail too, considering how pesky helium systems can be
  2. Cheers for the comment, I believe its not listed on the RO page because the configs are included in the mod itself, and not with RO. As for Juno and Exomars, I used Procedural Parts for the tanks & cylindrical structures, B9 Procedural Wings for the geometric structures and TweakScale to get the stock solar panels larger. ProbesPlus has pretty much all the science parts you need & that's about it really, the only thing I had missing was the thrusters and engines, thats how this mod came about really. Using procedurals you can get pretty realistic spacecraft built if you work to the correct dry mass and wet mass etc. The only bit of realism missing I think is the helium pressurisation system, I've been waiting for someone to come up with a decent pressurisation mod for RO, I think its long overdue, I wish I had the time to work on one myself but wouldn't really know where to start & real life has caught up with me now unfortunately.
  3. Changelog V1.4.2 Small bugfixes Fixed some miss-named transforms which were preventing the MRM106D firing axially
  4. Changelog V1.4.1 RCS Blocks should have the correct thrust per transform now MRM-111 Block (Juno) Now fixed & has 1 axial and 2 lateral thrusters. Thanks to @StoryMusgrave for the testing & recommendations.
  5. Changelog V1.4 < WARNING > This update will break active vessels & saved ships using old NicheParts due to a large number of changes to models and configs. - Remove old parts from your ships and re-save, unfortunately theres no way to save active vessels (that i know of) - Delete old NicheParts folder before install. Many new parts - see imgur album RCS overhaul Added the correct naming for the Airbus Thrusters and Apogee motors. Fixed mass for MR103 S400 now has correct mixture ratio and max thrust Thruster Blocks now have the correct (higher) thrust, originally I had assumed that the figure was applied to all RCS transforms, however it appears that it is shared between them
  6. Im not super sure how I'd go about making a separate RealFuels config.. Not really my strongpoint these config's, I have to admit. If you do put one together Id be happy to add it in with the download, or just share it on here.
  7. Ahh not this again!! Haha. I do all my work on the Mac so I always tend to miss those hidden files. I'll repackage on my windows PC which should sort it. Cheers for the heads up. V1.3.1 - Re-up with this change.
  8. Changelog V1.3 - Introducing 'Descent Engines' - See imgur album to preview. - Fixed minimum thrust for MLE - Fixed resource for MLE (It is in fact a monopropellant engine) - 400N, 890N, 4kN & MLE now have unlimited ignitions - Fixed SuperDraco, no longer affected by ullage
  9. Cheers for the pointers, looks easy enough. I admit my time is fairly limited at the moment, so this could take a while but i should get there eventually. On the flip side, I have an update pretty much ready for release with some more tiny but funky engines for you.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys, Re-up with this change. 1.2.1.
  11. Thanks for taking the time to review my mod! It was very interesting to see it from a stock players perspective, It made me realise how random the mod must seem! Alas, the mod is mainly designed for RealismOverhaul. Nice one though, your videos really help get mods out there! P.s. Thanks for spotting the Superdraco stats error! I am looking to incorporate TestFlight and RP-0 into the configs. However I've not actually played with either of them yet so havent really had chance to get my head around the config layout for them. If anyone has any pointers? Cleaned up the mod, 1.2 with the following changes: All parts now have more realistic centre of mass Fixed some materials & textures Fixed some config errors Fixed some node errors Removed some repetition in RO configs Removed the requirement for rescalefactor for Rutherford & SuperDraco parts Various aesthetic improvements to RealPlume configs Reduced the mass of Rutherford Parts (30kg seemed a high estimate) Fixed the thrust stats for TwinSuperDraco Enjoy
  12. Thanks dude! Yeh, I started this just as a few parts which i couldn't find elsewhere, I'm glad you find them as useful as I do! - A note for new users, using physicswarp (ALT >) is pretty much a must for the Apogee engines as they have very low thrust. As for new engines, there are many great mods out there now modelling real engines I struggle to find parts that haven't already been done! But I'm open to requests and ideas. Wow, just checked out your mod, I had no idea it existed! I actually modelled the Rutherford because I thought it hadn't been done yet, oops! I did have plans to do the FireFly Aerospike but yours looks great! Nice job man.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, I have moved the RO and RP configs up a tier in the file structure to avoid bugs for stock players. Q1 - I have repackaged on my windows PC. This should remove that problem, that _MACOSX folder only appears when i unzipped on windows so must have been a OSX compression thing. Q2 - The BE3 Engine cover has 2 nodes positioned in the same place, so yes, one has to attach the cover first to the bottom of the tank, then attach the engine. This can be a bit tricky I guess and isn't ideal, if anyone has a better suggestion for this Id be happy to change it. Q3 - The BE3 cover is intentionally 3metres wide, this seemed to be the most sensible scale for replicating the 'New Shepherd' vehicle, as it is estimated to be between 3 and 3.5m wide. I have used Procedural Parts mod for my tanks for a long while, so admittedly i didn't think about the stock tank sizes, one could use the rescale factor in the config files for the BE3 and Cover to better fit them to stock tanks Cheers
  14. NicheParts A small'ish parts pack which adds some real life engines and RCS parts. This pack is recommended for use with Realism Overhaul mod & is not well balanced for the stock game. RealPlume is also a must. In action: https://imgur.com/a/DNOd4 The parts: http://imgur.com/a/8IueS Installation: Just copy into GameData, Realism Overhaul & RealPlume Configs provided. The mod is not intended for use in the stock game, however if you do wish to play in stock delete the following folders in the NicheParts mod: RealPume Configs Realism Overhaul Configs Download: SpaceDock License: If you like this mod, please do check out Zarbizaure's awesome mod which adds even more realistic engines: Forgotten Real Engines.
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