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  1. My challenge is for the creation of a KSP video in Real Solar System demonstrating the feasibility of such a mission using near-term technology. It would not be a mission to the surface of Mars but to the moons of Mars. It wouldn't use an unrealistic combination of cores as is commonly done but a more realistic architecture. Sorry for the link -- working to get that server back up.
  2. I am wanting to present to NASA and others a mission architecture for a combined Phobos-Deimos (PhD) mission using Falcon Heavy launches, Dragon capsule(s), maybe BEAM habitat, maybe a Centaur upper stage, and maybe solar electric propulsion. The mission could preposition a hab and supplies at Phobos, use aerobraking, and leaving all but a capsule in a highly elliptical Mars orbit (HEMO) in order to minimize the propellant needed. Transfer between Phobos and Deimos could be done via Dragon capsule or if not sufficiently capable then just the crew with a propulsion pack. This project could be part of the work of a Space Development Group which develops a set of mission architectures for the low-cost development of the inner solar system. Check out Thx.