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  1. Around this time ten years ago, I was either looking for work hoping to become an animator or asset modeller, or wrangling a little renderfarm in order to make a demoreel to promote myself into such a role. Back then I think I had played with a very early version of KSP a little.
  2. I guess I made those up.
  3. Solarpunk Cottagepunk (also known as anarcho-primitivism?) Cylinderpunk (just leave out the O'Niel part) Discpunk (Not to be mistaken for Pratchetpunk) Rocketpunk (latest incarnation is basically the show For All Mankind, and various illustrations made by Von Braun's office) Dunkpunk (also known as the video game Barkley, Shut Up and Jam: Gaiden)
  4. Your guys' job is to come up with good ideas. My job is to come up with stupid cosmetic mod versions of them.
  5. Ballutes in the shape of balloon animals.
  6. The topic makes me think of this: If a part is not inherently explody, perhaps overheating causes a compartment fire - which can be repaired. The International Space Station has fire extinguishers on board for a reason.
  7. I'm currently rewriting my novel. I'm averaging 2100 words per day. At this rate, it might get done by mid-May. I doubt I'll keep that pace however: the more I involve, the more complicated editing will become.
  8. It's not very funny when you consider how some have managed to successfully swindle people on similar premeses. MarsOne for example, took a great deal of money from many people, lincluding users on this very forum. Similar nonsense happened to railroads and aircraft manufacturers when those technologies were new.
  9. An even-numbered klemperer rosette orbiting a yellow dwarf that was on an escape trajectory from the galaxy.
  10. I think that the traditional maneuver node pro/retro compass gimbal widget will still look and function the same, but the controls will revert to a different scheme once the scale of your maneuver goes beyond a certain magnitude. It might transition from "conventional" to "brachistochrone" or "constant thrust" or "time- efficient" or something when it becomes clear you can continually thrust for a significant portion of the distance. Likewise, the patched conic trajectory lines take on much less ovaloid and much more s-like character. Or it might be as simple as a new mode on top
  11. It looks incredible. But the thing that really turns it into that *mild surprise* kind of reaction is the fact that any game can look good, but feeling good to move and click around is the real retainer. And i honestly don't know if KSP2 will feel the same but with more cool stuff to do; or if it will feel like a dialect of the original's playfeel, or something entirely different.
  12. Russian composer Pavel Karmanov made a piece of music called Sleep My Heart, Sleep in honor of the Perserverance rover landing, and released it yesterday.
  13. Adding to what K^2 said, wherever coral formations appear, making them more lively with some alien boids is something a mod could easily solve.
  14. Dear devs: I am trying to build a scale model of a functioning teletype using rocket parts but every time the decoder intersects itself the physics lags and then the game crashes. I want to do this interaction at 5hz. Every time I land on the runway backwards and try to stop using brakes, I accelerate. I can only stack 255 kerbals on top of one another before the bottom one gets squished. If I name my vessel "system32.dll" while in Multiplayer, my friend's operating system crashes. But it doesn't happen if she tries to do the same to me.
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