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  1. Totally different set of circumstances in my opinion. For instance can you please tell me during which twelve month period the PC had absolutely no support?
  2. I sure hope they issue a sincere apology along with the new port
  3. That is hands down the most absurd, outlandish dream I've ever heard.
  4. I posted it in the PC unmodded support section. Should I post it in the bug tracker?
  5. Please tell me you guys are looking into the bug introduced with 1.3 whereby fairings cause a catastrophic failure immediately upon loading a craft
  6. @Shadowmage I have attached the flight log (F3). I think I'm having the same problem as @Jett_Quasar I tried auto-strutting the fairing but the problem still persists. This is happening to all my craft with fairings after downloading the 1.3 update, I'm curious as to why more people aren't experiencing/reporting this problem.
  7. Maybe not but as it stands my career mode is bricked. I know I used a monster craft as an example but this is happening to all my craft, many of which have much smaller fairings. And they were all fine before the latest update. It's gotta be a bug, no?
  8. So I built my craft from scratch and it's still exploding as soon as I load it. As it stands the game is completely unplayable for me, I sure wish a member of the squad staff would offer us some support.
  9. Does it explode as soon as it loads after you press launch in the VAB? My craft are exploding right when it displays 'physics easing'. Nice craft by the way.
  10. Yeah it's the largest ship I've ever built, it's supposed to visit most of the biomes on dres. Thing is this ship was fine before the 1.3 update and I've the same problem with smaller craft that I've built and flown pre 1.3.
  11. 1.craft?dl=0 this is the craft file. But its happening with all of my craft with fairings. I appreciate the help
  12. It's a clean install, never had mods and its happening to several rockets which worked fine previously
  13. After installing 1.3 my rockets are exploding on the launchpad. I think it has something to do with the fairings. When I delete the fairings the explosions don't occur. I tried rebuilding the fairings but the rockets just explode again. Help please!!!
  14. This hype train derailment is hilarious given the community's utter disdain for the plight of the console players.
  15. Does anyone here actually think FTE are working on it anymore?