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  1. This mod is perfect but i've got a bug. Titan is all black. Like a black hole, no clouds, no ground. I don't have scattered installed. Any Idea ? (sorry for my english i'am french) [EDIT] Problem solved. in 2560x1080 resolution, titan bugged for me. I started the game in 1920x1080, saved, then relauched it in 2560x1080 and Titan is good
  2. Thx you so much for this mod. I cannot play without it You're the best
  3. JPLRepo you're my hero Icedown you're my hero too ! Thanks to all the people who tryed ti fix this mod.
  4. +1 ! WE need this mod, this is the best mod ever I can't play without it. Please update it, or give it up, but say us something