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  1. I have a fairly heavily modded install of the current version of KSP 64 bit on mac, and I just started having the problem at launch/flight/EVA where I right click on a science part and there is no option to run the experiment. There may very well be other kinds of parts with different tweakables from right click that arent showing up either, but since this is pretty game breaking, I figured I should focus on this first. ksp.log: player.log
  2. This series of videos is so far my favorite gaming tutorial EVER, without a doubt! I have had KSPI-E for several months now, but was never able to really get a full understanding of how it worked. Usually video guides bore me so much that if it's longer than 2 or 3 minutes, I just can't retain the information. Throughout the videos you reference real world versions of the tech in the game, these not only held my attention, they actually caused me to enjoy playing it even more with enough information to create my own RP story while I play. I look forward to the next video, keep up the outstanding work!
  3. Greetings, I have a new MacBook Air with an up to date version of OS X on it, and I haven't been able to run CKAN. I installed it through Mono as it says in the read me, but i just get a window that pops up for a split second. Any my help would be truly appreciated, thanks.
  4. Is an update still in the works for 1.1.3? I just purchased and installed the app and server and am unable to get any response from KSP. Is it a version issue or am I missing a step?