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  1. That "4000m/s" reminds me of a mod called Kessler Syndrome, which gives you some random encounters IMPACTS with random DEBRIS!
  2. There is already an easy way: just provide KSP.log when asking for support. A list of installed mods (as well as other essential information) can be found in the beginning part of this file.
  3. 20+ (currently 38) but no new parts or mechanism changes except for porkjet's revamped parts (which is a semi-official mod) and Persistent Rotation. Most of my mods are instruments (KER, DPAI, Better Burn Time etc.) and effects (Chatterer, EVE, Distant Object Enhancement etc.). And I use Module Manager to remove those parts added by mods (like KER) to ensure my crafts are stock compatible (again, except for porkjet's semi-official parts).
  4. Maybe it's not significant enough on 1x time... Actually I didn't notice this problem at first either, until once I turned on "hyper warp" with Time Control during a simple reentry to save some time, but found the actual time rate is much lower than it used to be before I installed CTG. (I usually set a 6x warp and it should work fine, but now I only get 1.5x even after my pod has landed)
  5. @Teilnehmer FYI, I found this option might be the real culprit. The CPU load on my computer drops to normal as soon as I turn it off. And I didn't find other options that affect the performance. As for this line: I don't think it's a problem. In fact, that's how 0.4 is stored internally as a binary floating point number.
  6. Almost thought that the Mun has an atmosphere now It's actually the "glow" layer of the Mun visible from a 65km orbit, which makes it look like an "atmosphere". Wonder if this effect is intended, or just a visual glitch...
  7. Similar problem. Here's part of my KSP.log: The incorrect file path seems to be the cause of the problem. On macOS, the correct location of "GameData" should be "Kerbal Space Program/GameData" rather than "Kerbal Space Program/KSP.app/GameData"... ---- PS: Consider using KSPUtil.ApplicationRootPath instead of Application.dataPath to locate KSP's root path.
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