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  1. I can finally continue my campaign against the Krussian Kingdom.
  2. SDM_119

    Visual Mods for KSP 1.13?

    I use a Mac, thus I have learned drag and drop (although sometimes mods I want in my KSP file are too misleading, I want a Mac CKAN)
  3. SDM_119


    I would love to see a Kraken passing by my SS2 (Space Station 2) Although my hard work would be obliterated in seconds.
  4. SDM_119

    Modding Monday: Vapor Vent!

    That's very, very true.
  5. Does anybody know how can I update KSP without the error below? It happens when I try to update KSP from 1.1.3 to 1.2 on MacOS Sierra 10.12 (after clicking update and logging into the KSP store in the Squad Patcher). Any help will be much appreciated P.S. I have at least 40 mods installed that work with 1.1.3 only. Squad Patcher Using rsync-2.0.9 Preparation Detecting if OS-resident rsync is present... rsync present in PATH, residing at: /usr/bin/rsync Authentication Getting login token... Unable to auth with server, reason: [SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed (_ssl.c:590)
  6. SDM_119

    Randomly Generated Events

    Although graphic mods out there would probably add dust storms (but no affect on craft in the vicinity)
  7. SDM_119

    Mods in Stock

    Although, the Stock Visual Enhancements Pack would probably be a one that players would want due to clouds and other mods in the pack.
  8. SDM_119

    Modding Monday: Vapor Vent!

    This would be great for a cinematic
  9. Is it possible to remove all the Duna textures without the other textures going missing when I run KSP? (The clouds go missing for all the planets)
  10. SDM_119

    [1.3.1] Galileo's Sun Flares [v1.8.3]

    This really does remind me of watching The Force Awakens (The sun flare looks very similar to certain scenes).
  11. On the Griffon Century and TitanV motors, I would like it if their original sounds were heard instead of another KW sound (I think) was put over them. Can someone show me how to do that?
  12. And right now, I'm in July, but I don't have an Xbox 1 or PS4...But I prefer it on the Mac anyway....