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  1. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    Sorry that im so late but i never knew how to install the textures until i clicked every possible button on github and found "branches" - sorry im just bad with github and thank you It worked thank you so much
  2. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    i added that after i had the problem to see if it does anything
  3. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    I checked 5 times if i installed the right one after installing and yes i installed the non config one, started the game and it still has no clouds - P.S. yes i installed the 1.3 version of EVE
  4. [KSP 1.3.1] Astronomer's Visual Pack [v3.63 "Godspeed"]

    I have one problem and that is that the clouds don't appear Pictures: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3UdoHQeelGmYWQzaFF6MnpwWGM?usp=sharing
  5. Could it be possible to fix the problem of the bd armory side bar not opening when in a vehicle. this only happens when i have this mod installed and i love this mod "mostly cause the karl gerat mortar" I know i could just activate guard mode by the bd controller module but if there is no side bar its impossible to customize it and its extremely hard to drop bombs. And another thing i cant access vessel viewer as its a part of the bd armory side bar. If its possible please fix as NAS and aviators arsenal did it then i dont understand how this mod cant do it. .PS. i beg you
  6. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    Like will the planet still be red and have caps like duna when I make the no map planet
  7. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    Really that simple??? And two questions does it keep its texture and how do I make a dune clone PS. Tnx
  8. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    @Galileo because i get the textures from space engine because i cant draw and i keep forgetting to change the files to png or dds
  9. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    Sorry but here is the log with kopernicus in it. i dident have it as i was going to make a video but i decided not to so here is the log: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3UdoHQeelGmMWEwZGFrclkwWnM Also can someone explain this to me ?????
  10. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    @Sigma88 yes pritty much custom stars and gas planets/gigants whatever you want to call them show up but custom rocky/terrestrial planets dont 'when I code them in'
  11. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    @Sigma88 I'll try finding the issue and fixing it
  12. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    @Sigma88 I have those mods in my log cause I use them and when I don't I put them in my documents e.g. when I have kopernicus on My problem is that when I make terrestrial planets they don't show up but stars and gas gigants do it's the same with the planet mods but none of the custom planets show up
  13. [1.3.1] Kopernicus (Release 6) - Feb. 14

    Here is my drive @Sigma88 and @The White Guardian https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B3UdoHQeelGmMWEwZGFrclkwWnM i hope i didn't mess up. sorry if i did