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  1. Quite a fat rocket with a far back centre of mass, it's aerodynamics and balancing will be a bit much for mechjeb, I would try to get more stuff for in-line, I know asparagus will save you a little Dv but instability is one reason it's not used irl.
  2. Did you say mass and drag? How about adding a couple ant/spider engines to the tank and letting it circularize itself? Smaller masses are easier to move.
  3. Laythe, done Jool at a 196/7 km pe , didn't brake as much as wanted, going to adjust for Laythe approach. https://imgur.com/a/xuJdd https://imgur.com/hc9aRrk(Encounters) https://imgur.com/Xl0OcgS The ship(changed sinced the first iteration)
  4. Hey guys, looking for advice. I have a 197 ton vessel coming from a Jool aerobrake(not orbit) into a Laythe aerobrake and I need an aerocapture. It has the stock 10m inflatable at the front,fins at the back(attached to an Orion drive that wasn't originally invited to the party, but hey) and my COM is just slightly back from centre, I have about 4 large sas wheels in the mix but only 63 units of mono. Due to the absurd amount of time it takes to turn this thing around I really need to aerocapture on first pass. Any recommendations on altitude? https://imgur.com/KJqpsGW
  5. Yesterday my rocket didnt go to space, why?
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4c5ubh0mub7aku7/quicksave.sfs?dl=0 I think it's only happened in 1.3.1 not 1.3.0 Maybe something to do with potatoroid radius methinks?
  7. @bewing which files do you need? Just quicksave.sfs? the vessel in question is called New grappler. Possible mod conflict when you load it for KER or scansat, no other part mods I think https://imgur.com/a/IFMIo
  8. The shuttle always took off ugly, that's the nature of it
  9. No, sorry but making orbit negates the benefits of gravity assists, you need to go zooming past these bodies in a situation where they speed you up, not slow you down. I see where you're coming from with the oberth though.
  10. With fuel priority settings and crossfeed ability on decouplers fuel lines are virtually redundant now.
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