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  1. I just found out about this mod, and I realized you are working on MegaStructures. I was hoping if you were working on actual parts, like creating your own Stanford toruses and mega stations. A mod like this was already made before, the parts were around 1km ~ 3km. But before it was discounted there were plans for 5km parts. I was hoping if you were planning on making such parts or were focusing on just gigantic planet size structures.
  2. Are you planning on making any Symmetrical Parts?, I love these parts, but the fact that its asymmetric is kinda bothering me. Again these parts look great.
  3. Hello, I recently found out about these parts and fell in love. They look amazing and have a nice SSTO feel. But I was wondering if you were considering adding new centrifuges or even Stanford Toruses. I was thinking that parts like these would fit great in this part pack. These parts would be hard to make and would have to be at least 500m ~ 2000m. I understand if you don't feel like pursuing this project, it seems hard, especially the sheer size of these parts, but it would be nice to see them in game. I know another mod maker had worked on this project but has long abandoned it. \ Here is the Forum.
  4. Hey, so I've been following multiple people revive this mod, and its great to see that its still up and running, but I was wondering if you had any plans of adding any Stanford torus's or centrifuge parts? I know that michaelhester07, ( the original creator of Civilian Population) had worked on some Torus parts such as Anyways I'd love to see about what you had instore for this mod and if you also plan on reviving or editing the "Biodomes and Stanford Torus Mod" -Thanks
  5. I was watching a video on a duna colony called "The Hives Research " and in the video there is a part that looks like a Hexagon and contains kerbals in it. Does anyone know which mod it comes from? - Thanks