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  1. Erm... cant we already do the 4x warp within atmospheres? Its in space that it doesnt work.
  2. I’ve asked about this a couple times before and there’s been no response so far. I’m just going to cross my fingers and hope it’s in the next patch.
  3. What about physics warp in space on consoles? It would be nice to use xenon or nuke engines without having to wait around for 20 minutes during a burn. I really hope this is sorted in the next patch.
  4. Ive been stress testing the time warp and have warped for years and years without any issues. So for me at least it appears to be sorted, but I would be interested to know if anyone else is still suffering from it.
  5. Are you using a probe core to control the ship? You can lose direct control if it loses its signal connection or runs out of electricity. If it isn’t that then I don’t know, I’ve been playing all week without any control issues. Maybe it’s a radial preset issue? I use the cursor preset and so timewarp using LB + X or B (L1 + square or circle on ps4 presumably).
  6. I dont have and have never had advanced tweakables active. Though, I finally got a chance to play it earlier and managed to do a mission to Duna and back with no problems. Maybe they forgot to add it to the patch notes? Maybe fixing another bug also fixed the time warp one? Can anyone confirm that they’ve experienced the time warp bug since the patch?
  7. Thanks, Ill give this a go next time Im on. Even so, workarounds like this shouldnt be needed. Perhaps youve just been lucky? Or maybe theres another unknown element that causes this bug, which could be why they havent been able to fix it yet.
  8. Aw man, are you telling me the time warp bug isnt fixed yet? This is the main game breaker for a lot of people, myself included, it really should have been a top priority. If this hasnt been sorted, I guess I wont be playing it again any time soon. Very disappointing.
  9. Are we getting some patch notes for the console version? It would be nice to see what has or hasn't been fixed. My career has ground to a halt due to a couple of specific bugs, there’s not much point in me continuing unless those bugs in particular have been vanquished!
  10. This problem is also on xbox and has firmly halted my career progress.
  11. Yeah, its supposed to be LB + left and right on the dpad, but that doesnt work at all. It just brings up the action group radial menu as though you arent pressing LB. IIRC, I used the double tap A to focus on kerbin and then used the tracking station to get back to my vessel when nothing else would work.
  12. Similar thing happened to me. Xbox one x, cursor preset. I switched focus to kerbin and when I switched back I had no vessel control and couldnt save the game. I could bring up the menu to save, but when it came to hitting the save button nothing happened.
  13. I find myself checking the store everyday, just in case. I have the feeling its just gonna show up randomly, no announcement.
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