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  1. Weekly report...
  2. Yeah, you're probably right, it's just hard to be optimistic sometimes when the further you travel down the road, the longer the road seems to get.
  3. Yeah this threw me a little bit. A while back they were talking about it being in the final stages, now theyre saying theyre still working on the controls? Perhaps theyre making it in reverse?
  4. Read it and weep...
  5. I get my hopes up every week and as a result I exist in a permanent state of disappointment.
  6. Weekly time...
  7. In the weekly... Also... ...I've had dreams like that before, not about ksp specifically, but it's usually about something I want but cant have. For example, waay back when the 360 came out, I wanted one so I could play oblivion but couldn't afford it. I remember having a really vivid dream that I was finally playing it, the disappointment when you wake up is crushing
  8. In the weekly...
  9. In the weekly: Would it be too optimistic to expect it in another few weeks at the most? I'll cross my fingers but I won't hold my breath.
  10. I remember reading somewhere that our old saves would still be useable but if you want to make use of the new features like kerbnet and commnet you would need to start a new game. I can't remember for the life of me where I read that though, I can't seem to find it anywhere, so I don't know how reliable that info is. As for making history, I don't think anyone knows if we're getting that or not. I doubt we'll find out before it releases on PC.
  11. This week, more of the same...
  12. I fear it's too late for that, I mean it was still being sold until about a week ago. My guess is anyone who would have been put off already has been. I fear this because if the community dies we won't get any dlc. As such, if the new port is a resounding success, I'll be telling everyone I can that it's fixed and they should buy it. I already know a couple of friends of mine have held off buying until it's fixed.
  13. It's still possible if they get it into certification sometime this week, but as you say it's unlikely. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed though because I'm off work next week and it would be amazing if I could spend all week going into space.
  14. I dont know if it's just laziness, low standards or some technical problem, but it is quite annoying sometimes. I find it's the games where you most need to change something that have the least options.
  15. I'm interested to see what kind of changes they've made and what new options we'll have. I'm not crossing my fingers or anything, but I'd quite like to be able move and resize hud elements. I always thought the navball was a little big and being in the centre it would get in the way when trying to land. A delta-v calculator would be nice too, but I'm fairly certain we aren't getting that.