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  1. SSTO flips out of control once high up

    I also have severe stability problems with spaceplanes. Rockets are so more easy to design and fly! But, As you asked about spaceplanes I would try to share my humble (and humiliating) experiences. 1. When you have not enough atmosphere for your control surfaces to bite then you lose control 2. In some designs the control surfaces revert the effect when you go faster than mach 1. 3. The relationship between your center of mass and center of thrust changes when you consume fuel and/or oxidizer making your vessel harder/impossible to control. 4. your non atmosphere engines are somewhat of center respect with the center of mass of your vessel. My non elegant answer is to use vernor engines to stabilize my spaceplane once in space. It is NOT elegant. You consume a lot of oxidizer and fuel. I have also tried to pump oxidizer and/or liquid fuel from one tank to another in order to bring the center of mass where I need it. Some times it worked. I use to adjust the height and inclination of wings. The height to align center of mass with center of thrust. The inclination to reinforce the stability of the plane. As far as I can mention the main problem will appear when you try to re-enter in the atmosphere. Best luck! Ignacio
  2. Plz Help me with Minmus ;(

    You are right, Juvilado! But, Several of us (me included) use MJ for each maneuver unless we are dissatisfied with its performance. I agree it is somewhat easy to reach Minmus by hand set maneuver nodes. I confess I use MJ on a regular basis just to work a little bit less. Ignacio
  3. Game won't let me complete a contract

    Hi! I am sorry to inform you. If you are in the sea you have splashed but not landed. If you have descended on any continent, over land, to be more specific the contract would have been considered accomplished. If you can tug the floating ore vessel to land you can still get it. I have never tried to tug a floating vessel but I suggest: 1. include a claw 2. include several air intakes to increase buoyancy 3. include big wheels to move over land 4. include some sort of turbo fan to propel your vessel while floating over water 5. Include control surfaces to steer your rescue vessel at sea. 6. test your design navigating nearby KSC 7. If you have included a CCR2 port at your ore retrieving vessel do not forget to include another at your rescue vessel, Then you can connect both ships even if the claw cannot do it (wrong height) 8. If your floating vessel is somewhat far from KSC (More than 20 Km) or your patience is somewhat thin consider including some parachutes in your rescue vessel to fly and splash (not land) it nearby your ore vessel Best luck!! Ignacio
  4. Plz Help me with Minmus ;(

    Yes! Orbital insertion must be done with MJ within SOI. Thank you very much! Ignacio
  5. Plz Help me with Minmus ;(

    I have been using MechJeb for a year. It is very usefull and I enjoy it very much. My approach to reach Minmus (Flats) is: - Low Kerbin ecuatorial orbit (same as you mention) - Hoffman transfer (same as you mention) - As soon as my burn is complete I try Intercept target at a fixed time trying to minimize delta v with 40 to 54 hours. (To my humble understanding of orbital mechanics the difference depends upon the part of the orbit Minmus) - Time warp to SOI Change. - Once in Minmus SOI change inclination at a fixed time to 0, (If you are going to another spot then another inclination would seem more convenient) - Change periapsis at a fixed time to something between 15 and 30 Km depending upon TWR (the highest orbit for the lower TWR) - Circularize at periapsis - Launch Guidance - Pick target on the intended Flat - F5 - Land at target (controllig RCS does not desactivate for no apparent reason) - Cross my fingers in anxiety Best luck! Ignacio
  6. are rescue missions infinite?

    As far as I experience there is no limit. My personal goal is to build a base in each planetary body with a solid surface. My original idea was to have a couple of scientists, an engineer and a pilot in each base. So I needed 4 x 13 = 52 kerbals. Because of the balance already mentioned I assumed that I will be needing 6 x 13 = 78 kerbals. At some point I rescued a Biologist, then another professions appeared: Medic Scout Kolonist Quartermaster Technician Farmer (I am not very sure which mod is responsible of this) My KerbKount is 84 At first I was in bad need of pilots. Once I reached the RC 0015 the pilots become useless (on good for consuming food, oxigen, etc.) Then I was needing scientists to man the Science Laboratory to generate science ir order to advance in the tech tree. Once completed the tech tree the scientists become useless. Then my need was engineers. I use them to operate converters and drills everywhere. To get money (I consume a lot of money) my engineers operate large tracks with 5 mobile fuel factories to reprocess expended nuclear fuel and convert it through the breeding process in enriched uranium to be sold to the civilian market. So I have 10 engineers operating such mobile factories. My idea is to have fuel stations in each body. as a safety measure. I have never hired a Kerbal it becomes more expensive as your KerbKount increases. (Over 2.100.000 square roots for the 85) Now, with the explosion of Kerbal specialities I am not very sure of the right combination of Kerbal habilities. More things to explore means more fun! If someone is interested I am using: MechJeb KerbalEngineer Kolonization Konstruction Infernal Robotics (I cannot make any piece move) TAC life support Feline utility rovers Planetary Surface Structures KIS/KAS Kerbal Alarm Clock Persistent Rotations Scan Sat Some form of science devoted mod to operate the experiments. Now I am completely in the dark about the balance within the new professions. I miss the chance of some sort of report about my kerbals and their habilities and experiences. As I advanced towards my self imposed goal I will learn more about the ration in which each professions is represented in the rescue missions. Thank you very much for reading this!! Ignacio
  7. Floating part to be recovered

    Thank you very much! I was able to find a workaround. 1. The bug has relationship with terrain height. The part was at 4.1 Km over the terrain and the terrain was at 4.1 Km over "sea" level. 2. Go to the space center 3. Fly the part to be recovered. It falls. 4. Return to the space center before it impact the terrain 5. Repeat 3 and 4 until the part is almost on the terrain, then let it ground at low speed (1 to 3 m/s) By the way, the part inside a 3.5 m cargo bay escapes in time warp. My quick fix was to attach a CCR2 connector to the part and connect the connector to a waiting CCR2 connector within the cargo bay.
  8. I have taken a contract to recover a Kerbal and her debris landed at Minmus. The Kerbal was landed. I landed nearby and was able to take her into de cockpit without problems. BUT... The part to be recovered is hovering 4.1 km over the surface of Minmus. I have tried to fly nearby with a Kerbal and when I pass close enough the part remembers that it is flying and begin to fall to the surface where it crashes. (I hate it) I am not glad with the idea of some sort of "in the air" rescue It strikes me as some sort of bug. The part was suposed to be LANDED. Any sugestions? Thank you very much! Ignacio
  9. Finding other star system

    Thank you very much! It is absolutely true! There are many places in every celestial body I have not reached yet. I have to learn how to navigate efficiently with the warp drive using planetary and orbital velocities to match the velocity I need at destination. I have not mastered the landing in a particular position when atmospheres are involved. So, there is a lot of work to do.. Best regards! Ignacio
  10. Finding other star system

    Thank you very much! I do not need to seed the 50 AU sphere with IR Telescopes. It will do no good. You have saved my life from hours of frustrating work. Ignacio
  11. Finding other star system

    Thank you very much! I do not need to seed the 50 AU sphere with IR Telescopes. It will do no good. You have saved my life from hours of frustrating work. Ignacio
  12. Finding other star system

    Hi! Is it possible to find another star systems in KSP v 1.0 interstellar extended mod? Thank you very much! Ignacio