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  1. Is there a 1.3.1 version. I’m playing ksp 1.3.1 because most of my favorite mods haven’t been updated to 131.
  2. er stil wont work if I drop it it just explodes like a regular part. if you could help that would be nice
  3. there is a youtuber that made a video on this just search up the mod
  4. so you don't need the latest version of kerbin side just KK?
  5. oh yeah it works all right when I tried to make an airport / launch pad my game freaked out so I'm just gonna wait for kerbin side because it has premade bases
  6. when will it be out for 1.2? I'm just asking because I really love this mod
  7. I have BDA installed correctly I just don't have north Kerbin dynamics installed correctly
  8. I downloaded this mod and I wanted to test a bomb and when I dropped it just blew up like any other part, and one know why? If you know how to install it propley please tell me (I kind of gave up on trying it my self)
  9. lol when will it be out for 1.2 (please don't slap me with a wet fish I'm just a boy D:)