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  1. I'm still looking at it in 1.7.3, but I now have both KSP installs kind of borked somehow, and am doing some rebuilds. What I do know is that update() is being called directly, before start() or awake(), and start() is where we init the lightsettings.
  2. Edit2: Found(?) the culprit at the bottom of the post. Edit: More Debug info at bottom of post. Replying to my earlier post regarding the log spam. I am running 1.7.3, 200+ mods, so not sure what is causing it, but the relevant section is below. Pretty sure it's due to another mod's interaction. I'm not looking at you to dig into it. With the release of 1.8 I have VS fired up and am in full debug mod. Relevant log below. The exception at the end just keeps spamming the log file. I have some possible culprits in mind but don't want to go around naming names prematurely. ---------
  3. I volunteer for stunt four. Downloading now. Edit: I can get most of it to build, but I'm not sure of the proper branch for the KSPAPI stuff, and that leads to a whole other can of worms. Also, the tweakscale project files appear to reference projects which I don't see on github.
  4. You probably need to download mono. Having said that, what you really want is Unity (and the proper version) https://unity3d.com/unity/whats-new/2019.2.2 Edit: the Unity install installs Unity tools for VS, which is what you want and need. You will still develop in VS, but unity install will give you the proper dev environment. See these two threads:
  5. I know you were a member of the press. I've read every word you've written over the last 24 hours. Since you were a member of the press you can certainly understand parody (a la Adam Schiff). Perhaps not. Anyone can read your posts. You told an author you had big plans, therefore you would make your own repo private. That one example smacks of everything I summed up in my parody. For all your greatness, your overwhelming tone-deafness just kills it for me. I bid you adieu, your highness.
  6. It's unfortunate you think I am lying. I can't provide quotes, but suffice to say your tone from the beginning has been more than holier than thou. Your intentions were good, your actions less so. And I read all your notes. Saw your checkins. It was not going well for you. If there was one thing I'd follow up on, it would be your linux comments and no one ever taking the time to ping. How many hundreds of arguments just like this exist in the usenet archives? Really? You want to claim that people just pick up old code and no one's feelings ever get hurt or, on the other hand, _e
  7. Galileo summed up some of my thinking on this. The dev in question for scatterer has been working on it for literally years. It's not his job, and I'm sure there are plenty of lessons to be learned if he really wanted to rewrite it, but it works. I don't think he should have to log into the forums every day and say hi to ensure people know he is around. If you had literally pinged with an '@' like @R-T-B , then I'm sure he would have pinged you back within a week. I'm sure he is well aware that KSP is at 1.8, that Unity has been upgraded, and that he has 'work' to do. Also, had you p
  8. My purple problem was particular to my person. Toolbar couldn't find the texture, but that was because I was running a directory deeper than normal, so no worries there. Everything appears to work with the icons now, with the code I checked in.
  9. Windows 10, Nvidia, Intel I do have some graphics wonkiness (in the toolbar right now, purple box) which I haven't looked at at least in terms of the image itself. Maybe I'll poke around since I have it open. Regardless, I think there is an issue in KSP 1.8. The KSP method I commented out just returned null, no matter what I did with the images. I have no idea what they're doing under the hood. Of course I'm not a graphics expert either. Having said that, I am curious about my purple button. Edit: I do remember the purple button was there before, and then 'fixed' som
  10. @Steven Mading I've created a pull request to fix the loading of the DDS textures for 1.8 (and all other versions I presume). At least that part will work . P.S. Yes it was under my other pseudonym.
  11. Good to know. I'm still flying around in the atmosphere for this save, and my clouds are still there. So it didn't break anything I can see, which is all I care about for now. It will be a while before I get there. Does it play nice with Research Bodies?
  12. False alarm maybe. I may have already pruned/fixed whatever was causing my problems yesterday. I'll keep an eye out.
  13. I have the log spam. New install for 1.7, literally hundreds of mods. I will track it down for you or I will not play 1.7. And I will play 1.7.
  14. I'm still playing with writing contracts so as I get deeper I'll let you know if I find anything.
  15. @h0yer good to see you're here. I have one or two pull requests I may put in for an update to this pack in the coming days. Was making sure you are still with us and willing.
  16. I used the documentation on the wiki and examples, but ultimately came here and saw you were having the same problem (including the weird spacing in the module name). After looking at the code, Nightingale's GAP pack that he just updated and a couple of other's I got the part validation to work. https://github.com/jrossignol/ContractConfigurator/wiki/Parameters Anyway, can you put that in a vessel parameter group, which is checked afterward, using define and such. This should delay the check: DATA { type = string craft = HM_Test name = Test } PARAMETER { n
  17. @Inqie Maybe something like this: PARAMETER { name = all type = All PARAMETER { name = PartValidation type = PartValidation title = Do warp engine stuff hideChildren = true FILTER { partModule = USI_ModuleWarpEngine } VALIDATE_ALL { isEnabled = True IsDeployed = True } } }
  18. I just voted. Looks like I voted twice for everything? (But I only voted once for one thing)
  19. That TBD means that the specific ship will be registered as part of that contract once it escapes the SOI of kerbin.
  20. (2019-02-07) - fix most occurrences of parts that won't stop singing Work on dust migration upcoming.
  21. I'll try some belly flops. I've been playing/flying instead of rolling around on the ground.
  22. 0.8.3 Fixes Changes attach to parent Rigidbody (don't pop off other parts) turn on StretchedBillboard (look better) turn fields back on to enable sound (sound better) performance gains (go faster) @Battou This should fix it @Jognt Should be better now @maceemiller Try it now
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