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  1. Here's the latest launch/operation today, August 8th 2017. The launch of the KSP Benthesikyme RFT-04 Resupply Fuel Tanker. And being refueled by the Tartarus Class KSP Gorgyra RFT-03 Resupply Fuel Tanker The KSP Benthesikyme RFT-04 Resupply Fuel Tanker, doing plane matching, going to the Mun and landing near the Karbonite extraction and refinery. The KSP Benthesikyme RFT-04 Resupply Fuel Tanker doing a little hop to get closer to the refinery due to USI 150m range scavenging requirements. =D =">
  2. Speaking of tankers, here's the launch of one of my medium-sized tankers in the day time =D Most of the time, my launch profiles are set to start gravity turns at 4.2km with a 55 degree angle at 0 inclination. I use MechJeb most of the time unless Throttle Controlled Avionics can handle it better. =) You also probably notice the tons-o-chutes in the upper portion of the lifter stage. I also use the Stage Recovery mod and use radially attached chutes until I get at least 97% or 98% recovery rate. =D
  3. Another set of compiled screenshots of station/ship (?) =D whose main purpose is to refueling depot for other ships and tankers. It uses four Davon Resupply parts to automate refueling itself. The last 2 frames shows the detachable nosecone segment floating near it which I forgot to detach before circularizing ="> The frames now transition every second instead of 1/20th of a second =D
  4. Here's another animated GIF compiled from screenshots during one of my space station core launches =) Think I had to revert the launch twice since I forgot that this design needs to go straight up to 20km - 22km-ish before doing its gravity turn. ="> Apologies also for the short delay between slides. =">
  5. While waiting on science farming from four science stations ="> I thought I would try to do a short animated GIF of my former ascent-descent ship (during its descent near KSC) to and from LKO space stations and ships =)
  6. parts

    Thanks @Norcalplanner and @JadeOfMaar for your tips =) My 2nd attempt to set-up a LFO refinery on Mun using Karbonite-LFO conversion seems to be doing well compared to my 3rd attempt with straight-up ORE-LFO. Although my Karbonite refinery needs 12 sets of extractor ships each having 8 drills just to get a 1/sec extraction ratio ="> Again, thanks! =)
  7. parts

    Hi everybody =) Have just recently started using Karbonite and Karbonite+ in my career save (still on KSP 1.2.2 ="> ) and was wondering if there's an efficient way of have an automated/unmanned Karbonite mining and resource base? Do kerbal experience add to the drilling and refining performance of Karbonite? Regards and thanks =)
  8. Here's one of my early space stations in the process of being scrapped And when the 5m Kontainer was almost full of MaterialKits
  9. Here's my first generation storage space station with 2 tugs hauling 2.5m MaterialKit kontainers delivered by an early version of a heavy cargo lifter. I didn't realize that the biggest kontainer could fill all the 16 2.5m ones with one trip. =D =">
  10. Hi everybody, Been playing my career save for a few months now on KSP 1.2.2 using tons-o-mods ="> Everything I've built that are no longer in use or has been surpassed by an advanced version are broken down into MaterialKits. This was fine until I got to unlock the 5m Kontainers =D I'm looking for design inspiration to come up with a new orbital storage facility for mostly MaterialKits and was wondering if there are such behemoths out there in existence =P Regards and thanks in advance =) Below are screenshots of my old space station designs =">
  11. hi Zhetaan, Woah, thanks for your awesome reply. Never guessed that I could use gravity wells to adjust my velocity =">. Thanks again =) Regards
  12. Hi TheRagingIrishman, Am using IXS Warship Original Series for v.1.2.2 Regards =)
  13. Hi everybody =) I finally at that point in my career save to use a warp drive =D (learned how to disable steam's autoupdate for KSP before version 1.3 was released) =) Now, how do I use it properly? ="> My last attempt before reverting or loading a previously save game was using tons-o-fuel just to get captured or circularized ="> (not sure if am using the right term). The lack of fuel made any return trip impossible. =( Thanks in advance for your tips/suggestions. =D Regards
  14. Thanks to @V8jester and @Agustin, my install of IR is now working properly =)
  15. hi @Jasseji Thanks for that tip! =) I do have KIS/KAS installed =D