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  1. Hi everybody =) Just wanted to show an anime/scifi inspired transport vessel (Bohemian FTV) recently made in my 1.7.2 career game ="> Mun 1 Station in the background. Had a couple of screenshots for the other side of the ship but the lighting's a bit dark ="> Regards and enjoy KSPing! =D
  2. Science and research station orbiting Kerbin. Farming all available experiment there is =">
  3. Hi everybody =) Would like to ask if the modified KJR is still needed for "Infernal Robotics - Next" to work with KSP 1.6.1? ="> Regards and thanks in advance
  4. Thanks guys for your replies! Forgot haven't posted back ="> Also, I noticed that if I set my station fix to radial out or to normal using mechjeb and I warp in a vessel, certain segments attached using docking ports become misaligned as mechjeb begins to re-orient the station to the direction I set it to face. This only happens with big space stations though or with heavy stuff docked to them.
  5. HI everybody =) Was wondering if anyone out there would want to share balanced MM configs for the circle (hub) and boxes (containers) made by zzz using USI (lifesupport, modules - habitat, etc)? I've made my own using noob code but I not sure if they are balanced ="> Regards and thanks in advance! =D
  6. Hi everybody =) I have noticed with the recent update to KSP that heavy/big ships docked to stations using the shielded (or normal sized) docking ports begin to wobble. ="> Is there a maximum tonnage for ships to lessen or prevent the wobble thing from happening? Regards and thanks in advance =P
  7. Hi everybody =) I recently lost my career save game due to windows updating At least it's a good excuse to start over a new career game Was wondering which Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mod is stable? I used SVE on my previous save though, have installed Game Data Swticher and been trying on other Planetary/Atmospheric Visual mods. I notice that every time I switch to KSC view I see a nullref error. Just to add, most of the time during my previous save, when I switch to KSC view my game crashes. I try to avoid switching to KSC view directly by switching to something that's orbiting Kerbin whether it's a satellite or space station. This works most of the time =D hehehehe Here are my PC specs by the way: i5-4590 3.3GHz 16GB RAM Windows 10 Home NVIDIA GeForce GT 740 Regards and thanks in advance! =D
  8. Hi everybody =) Due to Windows updating issues, I've lost my career save game Thanks for the likes though! I plan to use Game Data Switcher made by @Icecovery to try a number of setups of Mods and hopefully avoid having game crashes when going to KSC scene as well as disable Window's auto-update Regards =)
  9. My on-going career save is still...on-going =D The H SV-PM Eidothea 01 currently docked and refueling the H GPV Delphin 02 in orbit around Kerbin. H GPV Delphin 02 is designed/rated (?) to haul two Cyclotrons to Mun's orbit when the planned space station below has been established. =) =D
  10. Hi everybody, I was wondering if anyone has made an MM patch to incorporate USI's switcher (supplies, materialkits, etc) to B9's HX parts? I tried it awhile ago with my "limited" MM knowledge wasn't able to ="> Regards and thanks in advance! =)
  11. Hi everybody =) I recently got a saved game corrupted when my PC crashed. When I got back to running KSP, my saved game was unload-able. I created a new game and copied over the persistent file and latest saves to it. But =P every now and then, when I exit the VAB or SPH, KSP crashes =D I didn't mind this for awhile since I had a fare amount of active ships and space stations until I managed to unlock another column from CTT. Testing new designs became a chore =P ="> edit, test, launch, revert, edit some more, launch, *crash* =D I read somewhere that deleting ships may help since one of them "might" be corrupted, but this was for an older version of KSP. =) But I still did it anyways and managed to return all of my active Kerbals back to KSC... except for one =( Going back to my question =D (hehehehe) is there a safe way to save a corrupted save game? =) Regards and thanks in advance =)
  12. Hi @obrien979 Like what @TheKurgan said ="> I manually go to the correct side of the vessel (using my main engine) where I'm going to dock in respect to the orientation the target vessel's docking port. I then generally cancel out my motion by burning/firing my engines towards the opposite direction which is done when am around 100 meters from the target. I then engage the docking autopilot where I set the "speed limit" to 0.5 m/s. This takes awhile to finish, especially with big ships and because of the problem you mentioned before I always have extra monoprop =D Regards =)
  13. Hi obrien979, I had that problem before and adjusted my speed limit to 0.5 m/s. Also, I used my main engines to go to the "correct side" of the vessel instead of just using RCS. Hope this helps you somehow. =) Regards =)
  14. Hi Terwin, Both vessels/bases should have their own logistics module right, not just one of them; so that they can "transfer" beyond the 2.3KM range? Had Karibou command part on two of my bases and thought it should work =D ="> Regards and thanks again! =)