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  1. IXS Warpship Original Series

    hey @Denko666 i have not seen an update in quite a while, and i was wondering how the pods and such are going. thanks for this mod!
  2. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    We have not had an update for so long, i am wondering if this will even come out at some point
  3. will the mk 3 expansionpack eventually get craft files just like its mk 2 counterpart?
  4. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    thanks for the reply @Stevie_D!
  5. @StarVision i am begging you


    begging you to either change the licence of scifi shipyards or update it....

  6. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    wait i have just noticed something so i want to make sure: this mod won't contain any engines?
  7. IXS Warpship Original Series

    Hiya @Denko666! first of all, how are you doing? second of all, how's the devving going? keep up on the great work man!
  8. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

  9. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    really nice! now @Stevie_D i was just wondering, how's development going? i absolutely love your work!
  10. i absolutely love this mod, but could somebody add some caft files? thank you!
  11. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    @Stevie_D hey man, i was wondering, will the warprings utilize roverdudes warpdrive? 'cause that would be pretty awesome!
  12. IXS Warpship Original Series

    holy excrements i am hyped beyond birds right now
  13. Superluminal - WIP Video Update #2

    okay now i am hyped as love
  14. IXS Warpship Original Series

    @Denko666 hi man, just wondering how the mod is doing, as in development of the pods etc. i love your work man!
  15. as soon as i install this modand launch KSP it keeps crashing... sad since i absolutely love scifi inspired mods