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  1. would you be so kind to write me down a top-to-bottom build guide by any chance? i'm not that creative quote for the last comment
  2. hey guys, loving the parts but i have one question: any chance we're getting UR-700 sometime in the future?
  3. the OAO consists of 3 hexagonal components according to friznits wiki, i'm wondering what the bottom one is supposed to be, and if its the secondary telescope, what the difference is between OAO 1 and OAO-2 stargazer
  4. Hey guys, quick question concerning the SLV-3D, how do i configure it for the OAO payloads? i'm genuinely confused what fairing to use.l thanks in advance.
  5. hey there, i just downloaded and installed this piece of work, but i don't get any clouds and the city lights are scattered all over kerbin, some even in the ocean. what am i doing wrong? (i am not new to modding)
  6. what visual mods are you using? i'd also very much like a craft file or subassembly for this craft and the launchpad, cant seem to quite figure it out trying to build on my own
  7. hi, i cant seem to figure out how to take this machine off without it starting to rotate uncontrollably. is there something i can do with the SAS to make it stronger?
  8. hi i cant get the alignment right for the BDB saturn V. attachment point doesnt seem to be at the right place and the offset tool doesnt work properly to get the launchpad in the right place. any idea what is going wrong?
  9. is there any chance of seeing the Saturn C-8 Nova direct ascent moon rocket in this mod one day? that would be such a cool rocket to fly!
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