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  1. I get all that. I know how to use it correctly. But I dont like the way it works in stock. all I'd like is to remove the lateral thrust. https://imgur.com/gallery/I7aMmrc https://imgur.com/gallery/I7aMmrc
  2. The stock launch escape system is really weird. Instead of flying directly up it fires to the side resulting in an uncontrollable spin and imparted high G. The fuel burn is also way too fast and far too short. If you try to abort on the pad, you cant gain enough altitude to safety deploy parachutes. I've been trying to modify the part file so that it the thrust vector is straight up, there is no lateral force and increase the fuel load so it burns for longer. I can't figure out how to do this. Id appreciate some input.
  3. Is there a way to get this to work on 1.7? Also. How come the icons don't appear on the navball?
  4. Do you think you could make the rcs plumes stock like or have an option to switch to it? I use this mod to add forward and reverse thrust on the 3 crew capsule as it lacks those axis but the different plume animations makes it looks really weird.
  5. I use restock. Why is the plume from restock and stock so different?
  6. Definitely one of my absolute favourite mods. I'll be sure to leave a donation so you guys don't disappear. KSP mod developers seem to get kidnapped sadly. I use a mod called integrated rcs, the plume from them it very different and weird than the plume from restock. What is that about? How can that be fixed?
  7. Already align in absolute mode and move it on 3 axis manually. Works best this way. Regarding the plumes, I meant it would be nice for consistency if you used the same rcs plumes as stock. Thank you for that video btw! RCS shots irl are magnificent!
  8. Just me or is this new update difficult to use? Not fun having to realign every port manually. The older version, it aligned automatically. Also, any chance you could use the same plume from vanilla parts?
  9. That is pretty cool! Thank you for this. I should learn how to create MM files... Where do you suggest I start?
  10. Hey do you think you could improve the resolution on the dual camera booster cam and remove the cross hairs? I don't particularly like them. If not, mind telling me what I have to change in the config files to make those changes? Not sure what any of the values do so I won't mess with it.
  11. Just saw the update with bug fixes. Why did you completely remove the flameout animations? I liked them.
  12. Does this mod offer slope mapping?
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