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  1. I've had my eye on this mod for quite a long time, however I have been reluctant to use it so far particularly because of the current absence of this feature. I was wondering if it there's any chance that it would be implemented in the next months, or before 2019. I understand that if it could have been done in little time, this feature would have been present by now, but I'm still asking to see if I should get my hopes up for this in the more or less near future.
  2. I really felt the need to bump this thread just in the hope of getting at least one or two more votes...I did read the guidelines, which are against "Any variation on the type of message that is used to needlessly bump threads"...The thing is this bump isn't exactly made "needlessly", at least from my perspective... Anyway, this is the only time I'll do it for this thread, and if this truly is an error then I'm sorry.
  3. Thank you! Your banner is very intriguing lol, I'm too used to good ol' round planets. Love it
  4. I know this has nothing to do with ksp but that's what the lounge is for, right... So, I just need to collect data about this. Sorry if my tone sounds, idk, dry or something The question is: does the music (The White River by Jeremy Soule) work with the clip in the video below (the intro of Shadow of the Colossus) Note that it is normal for the video to have no audio except for the soundtrack. Also sorry for the somewhat the low resolution... Visualize it once without thinking too much, then watch a second time and take more attention to the details in the relation between the music and the picture (timing, tone, etc.) It should take between 10 and 15 minutes to watch the video twice and then complete the test. Please take as much time as you need. Watch on Youtube if not working here: Once you visualized the video, please fill in the following test: -First, how familiar were you with Shadow of the Colossus before visualizing this? This is important as this might affect your opinion on the video-musical correlation. Detail with one line or two. This study is meant for those who knew next to nothing about Shadow of the Colossus, but you might still complete the test if otherwise, as long as I know that you're familiar with SotC. -Second, how well do you think that the music work with the video? On a scale from 0 to 5. (Important: do not compare to the original music of Shadow of the Colossus! The original does not matter) (0 = completely unfitting; 1 = it barely fits; 2 = it fits but some segments feel wrong; 3 = it fits except maybe for one part; 4 = it fits well, no real problem to take note of; 5 = it fits pretty much perfectly) -Thirdly, state the reasons behind the score in question 2. The closer to 0 your given score was, the more details I expect in this answer (if you gave a score of 5, it would speak for itself pretty well) Please state which parts of the video you liked the most (if any) or which parts you liked the least (if any). If your score is a 0, 1, or 2, try to explain why you felt a clash between the music and video. In any case, I need to know which areas of the video didn't feel right, if any. -Lastly, write anything else that comes to your mind and wanna say. Anything really. Write your answer this way: 1. "answer to question 1" 2. "Score" (also give your score in the poll, it will be easier to review the overall public opinion this way) 3. "answer to question 3" 4. "stuff u wanna say" The more data I collect the better. I know the purpose behind all this seems unclear (you don't need to know), but so is the purpose of launching rockets into Kerbol Thank you for reading that far by the way.
  5. O_O You are absolutely right Theysen! I've just tried what you said to do and it works...Negative values make my ship go backwards. I should have known, stupid me Well, so the feature is already there lol. Still would be useful to have a secondary boost setting, but with negative boost working anyway, I guess I'll be ok.
  6. Understood Ezriilc. Well, if you ever find such a mod or get to develop a similar feature after all, do let me know by PM please I do have another request that should be in the scope of Hyper Edit: is it possible to make a secondary "Reverse Boost" option? The Boost function in Misc Tools is extremely useful for me, and I often use it as a sort of "Hyperdrive" to travel the Kerbol System. After a while, I realized it would be very convenient to be able to boost backwards when approaching a planet, moon or station, instead of having to turn around the whole ship each time I need to slow down. I propose that you implement such a boost option with a separate button key and separate button speed. That shouldn't be too hard to implement, right?
  7. I have a request for a feature: would it be possible to have a slider to decrease or increase fuel consumption of all engines (at once or independently), and also be able to adjust the thrust of each engine (without affecting the fuel consumption), and be able save the settings to a config file? You could put those features in a new category called "Edit Engines" or something, with a list of the engines available. The idea comes from this old mod (but it ain't really the same. I don't really care about FAR/etc, just the fuel consumption/thrust): If the suggestion above is a bit overwhelming, well, just a slider to adjust the fuel consumption of all engines at once would do the job for me. I know coding is a hard task so I definitely don't want to ask for something too big. Also if someone knows a mod that does this and that works in 1.1.3, do let me know. Right now I use infinite fuel but I would still like the fuel to be a concern, though not as much as default.
  8. Got ninja'd So anyway, the Ship Lander works now. I've deleted the old version of HyperEdit and installed the 1.1.3 version, that fixed the problem.
  9. I think I have the same problem as Whalesharks Kerman. Basically I open the Ship Lander and click on the "Landing" button: the button lits up and a yellow text is inserted below the it, saying "Use K,I,J,L to fine-tune landing coordinates". And that's it. Pressing the "Landing" button again removes the text and deactivates the button's light. I've just remembered that I forgot to update HyperEdit to 1.1.3 though, so that's probably why it doesn't work. Will edit post after testing. EDIT: Ship Lander works properly now that I've updated HyperEdit!