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  1. MZKT Volat - Pod Pickup Vehicle 189 stock parts. And Deep Star Six Minmus BaseMass: 85t351 stock parts and my newest project JWST (James Webb Space Telescope) not finished yet full stock
  2. I don't think so.... where did you find it?
  3. Just use CKAN to find and install mods like Real Engines and Real Fuel.
  4. Hi all I wonder what mod are you use for calculating dV if any KER version doesn't correctly work with RSS and KSP 1.2.2 ?
  5. It doesn't solve a problem because lot of other mods causing a problems. All other mods are now compatible with KSP 1.3.1 so it's time for RSSVE to upgrade.
  6. Hi all! I got same problem like @Gousaid67 The problem is with planets: Earth - KSC Earth And rest of planets I'm using KSP 1.3.1 RSS v12.0 Kopernicus v1.3.1b2 EVE Scatterer 0.0320b Texture Replacer v2.6.0 and RSSVE
  7. I'm usually using CKAN so I've not seen it in Compatible, then I did it manually and it works fine. Thank You!
  8. but my RSS is working fine without this .dll that is a reason I'm asking what it is for?
  9. Hi just quick question - is it possible make compatible with KSP 1.3.1?
  10. Hi, I got quick question.hgg RealSolarSystem.dll what it is for and if I want use it, where should I put it (GameData or RSS folder)?
  11. Hi all, I would like show you my version of Starship Avalon from Passengers movie. I hope so you like it.
  12. There's main Kerbins Station "O-Ring One" Stock only moving torus. Weight: 225 tons Parts: 319 Crew: 120 kerbals Cost: less than 400 000