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    Mun 180

    While the specific maneuver Nich used depends on patched conics, in real life you could do this via L1.
  2. Are there any mods that improve the "Review Stored Data" dialog box? There seems to be a huge potential for quality of life mods there, but I'm not aware of any. For instance: Filter processable and/or duplicated reports. Sort reports by body/experiment/science/etc. A "keep all" button. Moving reports without EVA. Moving a subset of the reports. Does anyone know of any mods that does any of this?
  3. I got two contracts for seismic scans on Gilly. I had the idea of not sending a lander, but just EVA Bob there, use KIS to place a seismic accelerometer on the ground and read it like that. So I landed on the first spot, took the accelerometer out and placed it 10-20 cm above ground, so it wouldn't clip through the surface. The accelerometer fell those few centimeters under Gilly gravity and ...blew up. Guess I'll need a new mission to Eve next launch window.
  4. @linuxgurugamer I dug around in the github project and think I found the cause of my bug. I made a pull request where I think I have solved it.
  5. I have had the same issue as KBluey and others, but I can provide more info. The bug triggers if I switch away from the vessel with a failure before repairing it. If I immediately go EVA, I can repair failures, but if I switch away and back, I can not. Also: are failures more likely to happen together? I just had four, on two different crafts, in a very short times pan. That was a very frustrating, but fun experience. Sadly, two of the failures are now not repairable due to the aforementioned bug...
  6. I just got "Extract ore from Eve and deliver it to Gilly".
  7. Hi, I've been playing with this mod in my latest career, thanks for a fun mod! I'm also using UCI-LS, and it appears that the garden modules require some re-balancing with UCI-LS. The Small Hydroponic Garden Module outputs 0.6 supplies per second. This is enough to feed 1200 without recycling. By the description it is supposed to feed 8. It also breaks conservation of mass. The other modules also produce more food than they're supposed to, I think, but it's a factor of 1.5, not 150. I can update the numbers and make a pull request on GitHub, but I would need to know what the intended production of the modules is supposed to be. I don't understand where the current numbers are coming from.
  8. I'm using Connected Living Space, since I kind of like the added challenge in spacecraft design. However, I've noticed that I have no passable adapters between the stock radial sizes, except the stock 1.25m to 2.5m adapter. I want more options. Any suggestions? Other mods? Start modding myself?
  9. I'm running into some problems with spaceship designs and CLS. Specifically, I'm missing passable adapters between certain radial sizes. Can anyone point me to a mod with a passable Mk2 to 1.25m adapter, and preferably other adapters as well?
  10. This was more a crazy maneuver, not a mission, but I once docked two spacecraft without being in control of either. I was pretty new to KSP and I was assembling a station in Minmus orbit. I had very few mods, no KIS/KAS, no MechJeb. The assembly involved a handful modules and RCS tugs to move them into place. I realized that my solar panel beam (a structural beam with some 1x6 solar panels) was missing a docking port. It had a docking port on one end, but that was docked to the tug, and the other end had no docking port so I couldn't dock the solar panel beam to the station using the tug. The station itself had no RCS, so I couldn't dock the station to the solar panel beam either. It should have meant another launch to get power to the station, but I had another idea. I carefully lined up the tug exactly with the docking port on the station, solar panel beam trailing behind. Distance was 20-30 meters. I fired the RCS to put the tug on a collision course with the docking port, quickly undocked the solar panel beam and held down "I" to go clear of the station. The solar panel beam, now with zero control, continued on its course, hit the docking port almost dead on, wobbled... wobbled... wobbled... and docked. While the result was fairly trivial, it is still one of my proudest KSP moments.
  11. I have a problem with USI-LS and Career mode: I get rescue contracts where the lost Kerbal is in a Viewing Cupola (I think this is from USI-LS). The Viewing Cupola has no hatch and no docking port, so as far as I can see, I have no possibility of rescuing poor Shelgard until I unlock the Klaw.
  12. The "Leto" has landed. First manned landing on another planet for me. Somewhat scary descent, but the parachutes and Thuds did their job. Landing is on a 10 degree slope though, and apparently, despite working on Kerbin, the ladders are now useless for ascent. I guess I'll have to get better at that before I go for Tylo and Eve. Also, the rover (unnamed for now, but I guess "Jessica"') is 100 km away. Precision landing is hard.
  13. After weeks IRL and months in game, the "Atreides I" finally reached Dunar orbit, and the lander "Paul" landed on Ike. This is actually my first manned landing outside Kerbin SOI. "Atreides I" in flight Bob, "Paul" and Ike Next stop in sight.
  14. You use the Reliant on LFOX boosters for larger vehicles. (Asparagus design or not). On the core you have a Mainsail or Mammoth, so you have enough attitude control. Thrust in vacuum is void because you'll ditch them long before you get to space. The Twin-Boar is like a Mainsail+orange tank, except it has 33% more thrust and weighs only 0.5 ton more. It's pretty neat. As for worst engine, I agree on the Spider. It's very hard to imagine a scenario where the Spider is the optimal choice. Twitch and Thud have some of the same issues, but being able to radially attach engines is occasionally useful for larger crafts. (Although I'm sure that there are designs with structural parts and in-line engines that do the job better even in those cases.)
  15. Do you have the craft file? I want to test fly this beautiful disaster.
  16. I had a rescue mission on the Mun. Apart from a terrible inefficient landing, it went of smoothly, but I found some interesting geology features nearby. It's a sheer (76 degree) 2000 meter high cliff. Coordinates in spoiler if you want to visit it yourself. Be careful on the bottom, you might get stuck. I'm happy to inspire.
  17. Took my new Space Jeep out for a spin. Mission was to pick up a dead probe and bring it back to my LKO station for refueling.
  18. I've been lurking for a while, and now I felt the need to share a few pics. A new race of Kerbals:
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