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  1. Awww man. Is there any predicted time on when the crafts will be added again? Or will I have to stick with my own, and other's planes?
  2. Um.... What happened to the .craft files from the previous version of B9 Aerospace? You know, like the "Vance" etc...? If anybody could be able to post a folder containing the ships in a reply below, that'd be great!
  3. Um.... What happened to the .craft files from the previous version of B9 Aerospace? You know, like the "Vance" etc...?
  4. Sky1634


    Ah. Thank you, guys. I thought I was banned from something immediately for some reason for being new. Guess not!
  5. Ah! You are just the best, Sarbian. Thank you! KSP works absolutely FLAWLESSLY now. I always thought I was running the 64 bit version the whole time, Steam always said I could switch the the ksp.x64 version, but when I tried the overlay was never there. This helped. Thank you, sir!
  6. Sky1634


    So, I attempted to reply to a topic I recently created on my profile. And all of a sudden, bam I couldn't respond to the person no matter what I said. Near the timestamp of when it was posted, it said "Posted just now - Hidden". Is there anyway I can remove this setting of hiding the comment? I'm really new to the forums, and I understand some forum rules. This site is just not THAT user friendly to me. :c
  7. The thing is though, is that I have 8 gigabytes of RAM. Kerbal Space Program when running in the background on FULL CAPACITY is only 1k-2k megabytes. As I said, the game ONLY crashes upon reverting to the Launchpad, Landing Strip, VAB, or Spaceplane Hangar. Even tried a work around, revert to the Space Center. Always needing to restart the game, and I probably have hundreds of crash folders available. I'm about to try a clean installation with only JSI, BD Armory, and TweakScale. Those are my most favorite modifications. Can't live without 'em.
  8. KSP is kind of bugging me lately. It has an extreme tendency to wanting to crash upon reverting to either "Launch", "Spaceplane Hangar", "VAB"... And it gets worse and worse with mods, and the more I use the game, the WORSE the crashing gets. I have approximately 21 mods, which I absolutely CANNOT live without. I've tried Active Texture Management, and it is now outdated. I've tried deleting some of the outdated mods, and none of it works. Could use some help. I'm going to post one of the billions of all of the error.log files right here (It's big. Sorry.); Unity Player [version: Unity 5.2.4f1
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