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  1. Well there you go. The boosters you're currently using are the same cost with approximately one third of the power.
  2. Sorry I'm jumping on the bandwagon late, but judging by the convo I thought I'd chime in. This^ would be a good habit to break. If you're bound determined to play a career save, nothing will save you more money than abandoning asparagus staging and liquid fuel boosters wherever possible. Both are very efficient yes, but also extremely expensive and unnecessary (except once already in orbit). Where a quad skipper booster set linked through asparagus staging might cost 100k kerbucks, you'd get even more lift power from say 4 Pollux's pricing out at only 24k kerbucks. I didn't see if anyone else
  3. Did someone say big-block V8?! Lol as a fan of drifting I related all to well with your post xD
  4. On Resilience Space Station - Module 2, you should think about putting a nose cone or fairing upside down on the bottom of your first stage fuel tank. The very bottom of it is just flat and that creates drag (believe it or not)
  5. Helium - the result of fusion of hydrogen in stars
  6. Anything that works well on pc likely will only work with sub-par performance on a console. Anything that doesn't work well on a pc, probably would only cause more problems on a console. Thus no. Fix the game on console then add stuff later.
  7. No picture for CZ-1, both station modules are in fairings so we have no idea what they look like, and you used real photos for the Atlas Saturn rockets?
  8. It's a bug for sure. I built my own Duna satellite launcher the other day that housed 8 satellites neatly packed on engine mounts and placed into a payload fairing. Once i got there to deploy, same issue for all of them. I'd hit space, they'd just sit there, I'd switch to them and "nan" errors would display, and if I timewarped they'd disappear. Needless to say, I was a little frustrated after that. I think it had something to do with either the engine mounts I used to pack them, the microgirders used to give them space from the mounts, or the micro decouplers.
  9. Because 200m long ladders on Eve is totally practical. Oh. I get it now. yeah no. No "Space Elevators". It's not possible. We already know that.
  10. And some have erratic sleep patterns . Some of us... cough.... Have both....
  11. We don't have limited oxygen/air supplies in the stock game so I find this unlikely.
  12. All I know is I want male and female docking ports plus alignment requirements for some if not all ports. (At least as an option)
  13. You're not the only one? That's why kOS is a thing. If you really want to get into programming stratolaunchers the real way, then learn to combine kOS and MJ to work simultaneously together, then program away the maximum controllable vessel distance limit and all our reusability issues will be solved (That's sarcasm. I know it would take years at least.)
  14. Haha you're talking top teir programming. I'm not afraid to admit I have literally no idea. If I could program a flight computer just like that, we'd all be using stratolaunchers right now.
  15. It means he had a flight computer controlling the other craft. And unless that flight computer was on the "electron rocket", he couldn't have swapped back to the plane from the rocket because it was in flight in the atmosphere essentially dooming it to crash into the surface. (Unless of course the flight computer was programmed with proper landing procedures as well.)
  16. Yes but he wasn't actually controlling both at the same time. It might have looked like it, but that's because he put in (Or set up for) a predetermined path for whichever vehicle he wasn't using at the moment.
  17. The program you're looking for doesn't exist. To be more specific, you can't determine the outcome beforehand of two separate instances whose outcome also happens to depends on the other's. There is a mod that allows you to essentially predetermine a flight plan for another vessel, but as soon as you swap back to your first vessel, you lose control of the second. What you're asking for requires essentially two controllers (Two players). I guess a probe core with SAS set to radial out with rcs control might work however?...
  18. To further this, one rcs thruster placed at the end of a long stick could have the same rotational torque as 5 or 6 placed directly on the craft because of how leverage works. If you cover your three axis with rcs that's been extended out, it could potentially work as effectively as some of the more powerful reaction wheels. IOW, more is not always better. Work smart not hard.
  19. I guess I should specify, I was landing on the target yes. Just not so perfectly that I could get the ports to align. I was always just a meter or two away from a perfect landing and any adjustments I tried to make just ended up confusing me on the navball. xD I could of just used trajectories mod or whatever but I wanted to do it legit stock.. I did however end up getting it to work later though. I made an entirely new hauler with the control point at the center of mass and used pulling engines rather than pushing.
  20. Good job! Did it tip on the ascent or descent?
  21. The closer you get to the poles, the more jagged the terrain. IOW, stay close to the equator. Best place is honestly just the midlands.
  22. Tbh I still struggle with Spaceplanes, but I get the general gist of them. I also know what you mean about the front facing cargo bay, and I've definitely seen a lot of people do it that way. It may be ugly but it apparently works great xD
  23. It bounces "Connection" for direct satellites so you can extend your satellite network further away from the source (KSC). Put a bunch of them everywhere (And I mean literally everywhere) and you'll never have to worry about your satellites going dead. Even the ones that aren't using relays. Then using MJ makes sense. Learning the basics however. Still something I'd argue everyone should know regardless. There's a slight blind spot at the poles. Only for a second though. Also some planets/moons can't have stationary satellites, so highly elliptical ends up working better anyhow.
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