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  1. Because Dres needs more love, I planted this Dres Resort on Dres' surface a good while ago (Dres Awareness Challenge, which is still going strong!). It did not have a huge variation in colored lights, but it made it up in sheer quantity. I do have to admit that this is a mission from 2016, so I don't think this should qualify for any prize. But it was a cool mission, so I thought I'd spam it here. As part of the same fleet (launched during the same transfer window), I also launched a communication satellite. And a space station / ship with 8 landing pods and many lights.
  2. Facilities I would like to have: Extra Runway As mentioned above, just for fun. Craft test facility (e.g. wind tunnel or "modeling facility") In addition to the extra runway, I would also love to have a facility to test crafts. Some called it a windtunnel (an earlier post by @BadOaks ), but I would also be happy if it was the Kerbal Aerodynamics Modelling Program (KAMP). I use the cheat a lot to get my craft into a particular orbit (e.g. Eve) to get its characteristics right before building a giant launcher and fly the mission. I use a Sandbox game for tests, and then copy the craft file into my Career game. I'd like to do that inside the Career game without cheating.
  3. But they do belong in a forum where the players discuss some modifications to the game.
  4. No I am not sure. But I don't think it's an unreasonable assumption that once you got one runway figured out, you can add a second one much easier.
  5. You make a valid point, and I agree that from a purely functional point of view, the east-west runway is all you need to get things into orbit. But... Moar Runways! It would look cool. It would allow for new challenges in this forum. It would hardly slow the game down. It wouldn't be difficult to program for Squad if you just add the extra runway(s) without any options of where to launch from. It would be as easy as adding some easter eggs somewhere.
  6. Without using Valentina's jetpack, I got her to go 2829.2 m/s, on a chemical rocket. I wish I could say that this can be optimized further, but getting a Kerbal into orbit with a limit of 3 tons is actually already quite the challenge for me. I really enjoyed it!
  7. If you use it to all the time, for everything: Yes, it's bad. You should learn how to get a simple rocket into orbit. Learning stuff about rockets and orbits is really a part of the game. If you use it to optimize an Eve lander, and you are tired of launching every new iteration, then getting an encounter with Eve, getting into a stable orbit, etc... then I would totally recommend to just get a Sandbox game, cheat the lander into Eve orbit until it works (which may be 20 iterations later), and then going for it for real in the career game (with a launch from the KSC and the whole transfer to Eve etc.).
  8. I managed to get 6856.9 m/s. Compliments on a fun challenge! I could probably optimize another 100 m/s out of this, but for now I would like to enter this. More info in the spoiler.
  9. I rescued my poor Kerbals. I'd call this schoolbook rescue. Better not go full throttle though, even on those tiny engines. Mission was a complete success. All targets achieved. Only mission control kept piling new missions into this one flight until it ran out of dV.
  10. I play this game since 2016. And I still forget my parachutes sometimes. This is an early career return craft from the Mun, where the word "return" is used rather carelessly. Jeb is somehow still excited...
  11. Use Kerbnet, and create waypoints. These show in map-view. It's much quicker than planting flags anyway.
  12. The Poles of Duna look like candy even more than Minmus! Also very pleased with the rover lander. A little extra steel plating made for very easy delivery of the rovers. Once disconnected they just rolled off and turned themselves. And the ramps doubled as landing legs as well!
  13. Physics you need to understand before starting the game: Basic gravity: Stuff falls down back to a planet or moon unless you put a big engine on it. If it falls from higher, it will splash harder when it hits the ground. Moar Boosters! Physics you do not need to understand because you will slowly learn it in the game: Orbital mechanics Rocket designing The game is really good at teaching actually.
  14. Duna Orbital Station got a bunch of visitors. Career game, and I have 7 missions on and around Duna. All stock, and tech-tree nearly complete.
  15. I am on 1.4.5. The only mod is KER (an old version though, but I that shouldn' t affect this issue, I think?). Btw, sorry for a late reply. Haevn' t had time to play for a couple of days.
  16. I want to build a base, that consists of multiple parts. Always a tricky business, so I figured out a "standardized" way to make sure all docking ports are at the same height. I use the Mk1 (1.25 m) wide parts, and put the LT-2 Struts on them. Those always snap to the exact same position, so those tubular parts of the station are then always at the same height. In the picture above, the docking port is not yet connected. But once I lower the Struts of the section on the left, it will. The first unforeseen problem is: The whole structure jumps into the air as soon as the docking ports dock. KSP probably recalculates the force on each LT-2 strut. But it's quite a violent jump! On Minmus a jump with the same force would jump quite high, potentially giving the whole structure time to rotate as well. The real problem occurs after the base landed again. Both parts were now docked and stable, but I want to remove the little cart that is designed to move parts of the base around. It's hanging free off the junior docking port, very close to the ground (so close that a fall shouldn't break anything). The first part was placed that way: the cart decoupled and drove off. (It's still in the background - a little bit upside down due to some frivolous driving). So, you' d expect the little cart to fall to the ground, and to be able to drive off. However, instead, all 8 LT-2 Struts blow up, the whole base flies around a bit, and the base finally crashes onto the cart which is now stuck underneath. It is quite a reproducible problem too. It occurred multiple times. Is this considered a bug? I really cannot see what I am doing wrong. Any tips would be appreciated. p.s. Skipping the struts, and just leaving all the base parts on wheels is NOT an option. It's a base, not a vehicle.
  17. Just a warning to the reviewers: If you honor this request, then you are making us all beggars. We will all start asking if we can get a little priority. Just saying, not everybody who is active on the forum is posting a lot.
  18. Yes, this bug must not be related to the Goliaths. I had a ship in the Biggest Plane with a Juno challenge (hence no Goliaths). It was a simple tubular hull, with 4-double gigantic wings. The wings were strutted at the very ends. It rotated clockwise without any engines on. Rotated about 90 degrees in an estimated 10-15 seconds.
  19. I managed to land 24.040 tons at the Island airport. I went with my Go-to solution if stuff needs to be heavy in KSP: Ore tanks! It's a real beauty. It was a little struggle to align it with the runway... I have to admit: A few attempts were needed before it landed without losing the outer parts of the wings. Full Imgur album in the spoiler (8 images):
  20. Hahaha, awesome challenge! Reminds me of this 10-year-old Youtube video: p.s. 10 years old, explains the quality. No need for full screen, looks better if you don't, hehe. p.s.p.s. working on my entry. Just thought I'd put this up as inspiration.
  21. I made a Kerriswheel. * beams brightly, cackles gleefully * It is jet powered. So Kerbals get barf bags. Stock except for Airplane Plus mod for the cabins.
  22. You just get the mods that this challenge suggests? Airplane Plus contains lots of propellers.
  23. MAD TART-1b Sparrow The MAD bureau would like to submit the MAD TART-1b Sparrow (Magzimum Aerospace Design - Twin-engine Aerial Regional Transporter-1b Sparrow) , a highly maneuverable passenger plane in the Turpoprop category. It seats 24 brave Kerbals, who are allowed hand luggage as long as it's barf bags. Next to the criteria demanded by the customer, the plane was designed with one additional design criteria: It must be the first passenger plane to fly under the KSC's bridge at the R&D center. While the MAD bureau's own test pilot promises that this has indeed been achieved, photographic evidence is unfortunately not available, as the photographer failed several times to press the button on the camera at the right moment... Regular take off distance is about 300 meters, at a speed of just below 50 m/s. This is mostly due to the back wheel which is placed quite far to the back. Daring pilots could pull in the back wheel, or all wheels, and make for an even shorter take off. Landing can be done at speeds as low as 27 m/s, and because the propellors are equipped with a reverse thrust setting (test-pilots press 2, while briefly going full-throttle), the stopping distance is measured in centimeters. To make a point, Val landed the Sparrow on top of the SPH. The plane was definitely not designed with comfort in mind. Two large propellors in pusher configuration rotate directly next to the passenger cabin. However, we expect that the passengers are far more occupied with the challenges of breathing and trying to not have their vital organs turn into a goo, and will hardly notice these propellors. The plane can pull turns of anywhere between 6-12 Gees on horizontal flight, and easily pulls 19 Gees when coming out of a dive. If Kerbal Express Airlines would like to sell a special passenger acrobatics flight, it is recommended to fill all tanks only 10%. The plane can then turn circles between the runway and the control tower. The short take-off and landing distances, coupled with the high maneuverability therefore make this a plane that can land in almost any field, ranging from tiny remote islands to inner-city airfields with a short runway. Since this is a serious submission in the Turpoprop category, the boffins at the MAD bureau ensured that it checks all the boxes. Cruising speed at 2000 m altitude is a comfy 135 m/s, and the estimated range is 1600 km when taking off with tanks at 50%, and when the pilots will fly in a straight line which (we admit) is boring, and not what this plane was designed for. While the customer is free to fill the tanks up to any level (the plane will fly just fine), the added weight will make the plane slightly less maneuverable. Some may even say it becomes slightly comfortable. We say it becomes boring. The Kerbal Express Airlines can have all this lovely aerial acrobatics, airline flexibility and of course copious barf for the meager price of 15,787,000 (fuel not included). Perhaps the MAD bureau should have done a market research whether there is a large enough passenger market for aerial acrobatics... The test plane is available for purchase immediately, and production can commence immediately. Download link: Finally, the MAD (Magzimum Aerospace Design) bureau would like to thank Kerbal Express Airlines for its review ( @neistridlar ) and subsequent purchase of 8 of the MAD TF-3a Swift planes. Delivery will be as fast as possible, and production has already started. Studies on the handling issues are also in the planning, although some previous studies show that some issues are rather inherent to the triple-fuselage design. As wise Kerbals say: "Every advantage comes with a disadvantage".