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  1. Mark Kerbin

    Longer runway

    Guys. I’m gonna be real honest. If your plane can’t land or takeoff and the already long runway, it might be time to check your design. While a longer runway could help, it would start to get weird. The reason the runway dips at either ends is due to kerbins curvature.
  2. Mark Kerbin

    Back button

    I think space bar resets it to “home” position. Not 100% sure tho Also @Cheif Operations Director May I suggest you attempt to google something to see if it’s already in game? There’s plenty of wikis and forums.
  3. Mark Kerbin

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Love how this thread can go from, “da heck you doing SpaceX?!”, to, “my butt hurts.” in the blink of an eye. Speaking of which my eye hurts
  4. Mark Kerbin

    Thread to complain bout stuff

    Yeah Ive officially added Musk to my "Blithering Idiot" list. Careful there with that "the media" thing. We still have some reputable sources.
  5. Mark Kerbin

    Kerbal Academy's Developement Thread

    [Bugfixing Progress] Here is the link to what Im currently working on fixing. =)
  6. Poll Added @VaPaL Everyone please vote and ask if you have questions
  7. Mark Kerbin

    Kerbal Academy's Developement Thread

    Well. Seems I have alot o bug fixing to do at somepoint this week. Lets seee; (This is more for my sanity later when i forget) -Completely take apart the waypoint generator and set it up as a "cluster" instead of individual generations. This SHOULD make waypoints disappear as soon as they are flown through and start targeting the next one. Will also set it so the waypoints only generate when specific kerbals are in the vessel. Or something. Ill figure that out later -Drop the LTA MkI onto the ground from about 2 meters. -Give up on getting the flags added. Doesnt seem to like em. Flag findy thing cant seem to find the flag that I know **** well has the correct name. -Find the parameter(s) in each that isnt set to disable on state change. Or a hidden one. Joy. -Figure out what the deal is with the kerbal checking thing. It seems to like to do that. Upon further reading, looks like the award experience thing is missing its parameter which may or may not be leading the the contract not completing. This is actually a good thing. Means theres alot less problems than I thought.
  8. Mark Kerbin

    [1.4.3] CommNet Constellation v1.2.1 [28 May 2018]

    ^ would be awesome. Some optimization would be nice too. =)
  9. Mark Kerbin

    Craft orbits slower than actual speed

    That’s really weird. It’s gotta be better time warp. Uninstall test again
  10. Mark Kerbin

    RCS Sound is quiet

    Do you have Realistic audio muffler or something like that installed? Does anything else sound different?
  11. Mark Kerbin

    Kerbal Academy's Developement Thread

    Version 1.3.0 Beta 1 [Pilot Contracts] Please understand that this is a pre-release.As such it is going to be buggy.-Please report any issues involving contract generation, contract information (titles for parameters, parameters etc.) , play-ability (too difficulty, weird parameters, confusing requirements) and anything else you think needs to be done or changed. Thank you.
  12. Mark Kerbin

    Kerbal Academy's Developement Thread

    PQS seems to be working now. Will make a pre release in a few hours after I clean up a few things.
  13. Mark Kerbin

    Game not rendering? (Black loading screen)

    What I usually do it make the entire KSP folder an "no go" zone for my antivirus. Then periodically scan it while it asks before doing anything. If you think this should be pinned, report your post and say something about that.
  14. Mark Kerbin

    craft wont unistall

    Can we get a step by step process of what you are doing?. Preferably with images.
  15. Mark Kerbin

    craft wont unistall

    Are you using steam? Just out of curiosity. (If you are, there’s a handy dandy unsubscribe button on workshop crafts) @Gargamel Nah you can kill stock crafts by removing them from the save. All that option does is copy paste into your save’ s SPH and VAB folders