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  1. Well Never Mind Then
  2. Found The Issue, The Multi Spec Scanner Was Shifted Into A WAAAAYYY To High Orbit After Apparently Hiting Some Debris Field And Suffering Damage (I Have Alot Of Mods For More Realistic Debris Stuff) Any How, Not Your Mod, But My Inablity To Keep Track Of My Probes, Sorry For The Trouble
  3. For Some Reason I Cant Get A Biome Scan On The Mun. I have all 3 Sensors In Orbit At The Correct Altitude+ the Stock One. But When i Try To Select The Biome Map Of The Mun It Just Give Me Gray
  4. Lol So Now I Can Set Stuff On Fire In The Hanger! YES
  5. I Am Currently Working On Dragging This Thing To 1.3
  6. All Seems To Be Going Well. Texture And Model Appear Stable, Configs Are "Operational" Aka, Very Messed Up But Usable
  7. Hmm, may have confused it with hooligan labs Sorry For Confusion
  8. After Noticing This Mod On CKAN, And Visiting This Page To See What It Was, Im Going To Attempt To Drag The Original RollKage Back From The Dead. I Need A Project Anyways. Im By No Means A Modder, So We Will See How This Goes, Im Not Gonna Attempt To Work On The Textures Just Want To Update Configs @zitronen
  9. Nice
  10. Oh Thanks, I Installed Via CKAN So i didn't actually check the folder, so Im not always this clueless.
  11. Anyone Have Any Pre Build Airships? All Of Mine Cant Seem To Stay Level
  12. @TaxiService Ah I Did Not Notice That. Thanks Again CKAN Is Still Working Fine For This Mod
  13. Also In My Earlier Post I Mentioned The Need For A Build Screen UI. I Check And Its Not There So Im Not Blind, But Adding That Would Prevent NEEDING To Set Up Vessels After Launch. Until That Happens Im Going To Uninstall, Because i keep liquiding myself of trying to not trigger actions groups. Still A Good Mod Tho
  14. Hmm Strange. USI Works Fine With The Mod As Far As I Can Tell
  15. Yo DEVS! And Modders. Get On This. Seriously. Now. Or Ill Have Jeb Land On Your Roof. He May Miss. You Like Your Neighbors Don't You? Actually He Is Incapable Of Hitting Anything Besides Ocean. You Like Fish Right? Okay In All Seriousness. Please Please Please Add This Is Some Way