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  1. Appears to be working fine in 1.6 besides some settings menu shenanigans.
  2. Some of the non beginner contracts also require a higher level mentor to fire. This was done to add a little "realism." Also the last few versions were a bit.. er... buggy. Unreleased new one is going to be a complete rewrite in order to fix it, so its taking a bit.
  3. Its supposed to be based on level of your kerbals, and I hope to add dependency to building level to prevent speed leveling. Also a quick update on work progress: Me trying to remember what does what^
  4. Best of luck to this new version. Glad to see that you still work on awesome mods for the community.
  5. GladOS Portal 1 Ending

  6. Glad you like the mod! That is likely a bug with the 1.10 version. (Most recent release) 1.3 is in the works, but development has been paused due to life. Im hoping to have time to get back to work at some point before the new year. High school am I right?
  7. Hey Everyone, I've been dealing with alot of life stuff and have had to pause all development for a while. Good news is I hope to be able to work on this again soon ish. (few months probably) Still keeping the plan the same as currently stated on the github wiki.
  8. The only thing that would warrant a 2.0, for me at least, is when this game is truly "finished" or when finishing is impossible due to insurmountable limitations in the games engine. For one thing, I think KSP needs to see some stock reasons to have a space station, and some stock reasons to go exploring on planets. The comm-net in 1.2 was a big step forward as it made the game more in-depth. We need to see more of that before 2.0 would be reasonable.
  9. We have pogo... I think. Rocket compresses and bounces around right? yeah that happens, just turn off autostrut
  10. True but that normal doesn’t involve having a separate vessel splashed inside another vessel while out of physics range. Tho I suppose that could occur.... nah I perfer my, “someone was doing something absolutely bonkers and I hope to see the video on reddit,” theory.
  11. @OHara and @JPLRepo Might have mis-spoke. I was more wondering about how exactly someone might have gotten into a situation that caused said bug, and then how they would have explained how to replicate said situation that lead to the issue in a bug report. Really was just having a chuckle at all the crazy stuff players get up to in ksp. Ie; What was someone trying to do when they discovered that that y specific thing caused x specific issue that turned out to be z bug. TLDR; knows how bug finding, reporting, etc works, just found it funny how specific a situation was to cause an issue that wouldn’t arise in “normal” gameplay.
  12. Congrats! Have fun conquering the QA section... I hear its a bit.. er... rowdy.
  13. See every time I read these bug fixes, I think, "How in the actual kraken did someone find that, and then how were they able to explain that in a bug report..." Like, what scenario leads to a vessel being splashed inside another vessel, and then placed outside physics range. Oh wait that was probably nexters lab or Danny...
  14. Staring out the window of a bus on a rainy day: the equivalent of shower thoughts???
  15. Fixed my pc finally. But now windows is showing me hints about everything. i turned hints and tips off for eveything its like clippy. send help.
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