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  1. How not to land a SpaceX core

    Well, at least you did not miss your target by 100 meters an hit the water at 484 km/h. :-)
  2. Ground Docking Problems

    The Advanced Grabbing Unit will not allow you to transfer fuel and Kerbins from your original surface base to your new sections. You can get around the fuel transfer problem in the game settings by a setting in the game's Difficulty Options. Under "Advanced", uncheck "Resource Transfer Obeys Crossfeed Rules". But I still do not think you will be able to transfer crew from the old section and the new sections. Of course you can just go EVA and walk over to the new section, and with a surface base, EVAs is the whole idea anyway, so it is not a bad solution. If you think about it from a Kerbins point of view, it might be a pain to put on a space suit to walk over to the new science module, but that is their problem not yours. :-) The easiest solution is to put everything on wheels, which makes it easier to get all the docking ports at the same level, and as Brikoleur mentions, reaction wheels can often get you close enough for the magnets to work and dock. The magnets on the docking ports do not appear to need electricity, so I do not think either ship needs electricity. It would be hard, but I am thinking you could use a Kerbin in EVA using his jet pack to move a wheeled module into place to dock. It would be a silly solution, and almost impossible - but now I almost want to try it...
  3. The Minmus Thread.

    I had always assumed that Minimus was made out of Valdeon Blue Cheese...
  4. What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    I once put a ladder on upside down. After landing I deployed the ladder, and it went straight up into the air. Another time, I was bring a MK-1 back to Kerbin. After dropping my Pe for reentry, I decided it was too low and I wanted to come in nice and slow. So, I turned back to prograde and raised it a bit. Happy with my new Pe, I staged my fuel tank and engine leaving me with only the MK-1, heat shield and parachute. The staging exerted enough prograde force to raise my Pe to above 70k. D'oh!
  5. 200 hours!

    Congratulations! You should capture an asteroid, take it back to Kerbin and name it Katieop3-200.
  6. Getting a rover onto Minmus?

    It seats six and is not all that massive at all.
  7. Getting a rover onto Minmus?

    That seems weird to me. I put rovers on Minimus all the time. Granted I build wide using a M-2x2 Structural Panel with the Probodobodyne RoveMate and batteries underneath to keep the center of mass low, but I have never found rovers all that frustrating on Minimus. Here is a rover (in this case with four TR-2L Ruggedized Vehicular Wheels) I landed on the flats and took up into the mountains without any issue. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Do you remember your first exposure to KSP?

    When I was a kid in the early 1980's I got a game called Shuttle. Actual orbital mechanics were lacking, but the graphics were stunning - and you got to fly the shuttle - and move satellites around.! I was a kid...and it was the early 80's. In 2003 there was a bunch of hullabaloo about how close Mars was going to be to the Earth. I bought into the hype and bought a 70 mm refactor telescope . A modest scope to be sure, but with the long focal length it was is enough capture an image of solar system objects. Which I did by tearing apart a web cam so that the primary lens of the telescope projected the image directly on to the chip, and then stacked 100 images. I was hooked. I viewed the moons crossing Jupiter, Saturn, which just happened to be at a good angle to view the rings at the time, and the phases of Venus. It was then that my Internet searches discovered a simulator by Dr. Martin Schweiger called Orbiter. My first flight sent me me straight up, and with unlimited fuel, probably into an escape trajectory. I really had idea what I was doing. I realized I was far from Earth. and not getting closer. I just pointed my Delta Glider back towards Earth and fired my engines for all they were worth.. It took forever, but i did get back. I realized that I had no idea how to fly a space ship. The AcitVision game had not prepared me well for this. So, I went to a NASA web page which started with Newton's cannon on a mountain top. Along with the rest of the tutorial, I was able to get into orbit. And then to the moon, a Hohmann transfers to Mars, and halo orbits around Lagrangian points. In the discussion boards for Orbiter there was talk of a new 'cartoonie' space fight game named Kerbil Space Program. At the time I dismissed it. But development of Orbiter was still slow at the time, and finally by 2015, I gave KSP a try. I am still commenting here.
  9. How do you do a gravity turn?

    It seems to me to get something that works with different designs you would have to monitor the center of lift, or drag as I think about it. I have never seriously thought about it, because I have a bad habit of playing by the seat of my pants on launches. But, I think you would need to be able to limit the angle between the center of thrust and the center of lift to 'x' degrees. I am not sure what the optimal, or acceptable value for 'x' would be though...
  10. KSP Making History

    It seems to me miltiplayer will be really hard becomes the the ability to accelerate time. Everyone would have to be playing the game at the same time rate. KSP is a bit unique in that regard. No one wants to play a real time mission to Duna. How would this even work? Maybe something like cooperation on a space station in a low Kerbal orbit played in real time might work. How do other multiplayer games solve the time issues like this?
  11. I have not noticed anyone saying this, so to state the obvious - reduce drag. Pointy shaped = good. Blunt shaped = bad. Narrow = good. Wide = bad. Keep things from hanging off the sides, even fins are going to add drag. If you do not need fins, don't add them. If you do need them, try three not four
  12. The Kerbal Language

    otreum átse beJ
  13. Why build large passenger vessels at all?

    Depending on my mood, I use KSP for a lot of reasons. Mostly it is a problem solving game. "How WOULD you design a return mission from Eve?" "How can I design a mission to capture an asteroid and return it to a LKO?" I spend more time designing ships then flying ships. Sometimes KSP is just my Zen Rock Garden. Work has been stressful lately. The move to Amazon's AWS has not been as smooth as Santa Clara thought it would be. Ugh! So, I have a Minmus Station when I get home. It is a place I could imagine going to sleep in safe an sound. My Zen Rock Garden. I fiddle around the edges. Maybe I add a redundant electrical system, or send a rover so Jeb can explore the mountains on the horizon. But my Kerbals always have a place to sleep and different modules to explore. I can zoom into the cabin views and see what it would be like to actually live on a space station on the surface of a different planet. Maybe it makes KSP more like city building game than a space exploration game, but for some reason, it helps me unwind.
  14. how to update???

    If you have the Steam version it will update automatically - whether you want it to or not. If you got it directly from KSP go to kerbalspaceprogram.com, click on 'Store' and log in from there.
  15. The last picture I thought was pretty cool. When Yuri Gagarin was falling back to Earth, that hatch in the back blow out and ejected him away from the space capsule and into the Earth's atmosphere Separated from his space capsule, he opened up his personal parachute. Actually his backup chute accidentally open too - and he had trouble finding his oxygen tube - but it was a Jeb like moment that will be fun to experience.