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  1. I think Breaking Ground. Making History added many historic space race parts and a scenario maker but not much else. The Breaking Ground not only adds the robotic parts but also new science parts along with contracts for that science. If that was not enough it also adds anomalies like ice geysers, trees and rocks you can pick up. Unless you really want to create custom scenario that other people can play, I would go with Breaking Ground
  2. Same for me. I did not immediately get KSP though. But then Orbiter went through a long period where nothing was getting updated, so I tried the demo of KSP and found that I really did like building rockets
  3. Thanks. I had to get right on top of it to get the 'Y' to grab it. Close was not close enough.
  4. I am sure this is a silly question that is obvious, but I unattached the RTS-1 hose from the connection point and now want to reel it back in so I can drive my fuel rover over to another fuel shuttle transport to fill it up to take into orbit. But for the life of me I can not figure out how to reel the hose back in. If I drive the rover the hose just drags behind me and Bill the engineer can not pick it up to move it or any thing. I am sure I have done this in the past, I just can not remember how to reel the hose back in so I can make a different connection.
  5. Wow, thanks Tonka Crash and IgorZ! The edit of the MM-Kerbals.cfg worked. I can now grab the RTS-1. My Minmus fuel mining operation is back up and working.
  6. I wished I had read this thread before I spent the time to uninstalled KSP, reinstalled it and got fresh copies of KIS and KAS from CKAN, only to still have the problem.
  7. Serenity now, could refer to the AA prayer. It was a failed attempt at humor. Sorry.
  8. And here I was thinking it was a DLC for when you make a yet another boneheaded move and decide you should just start drinking rather than try again.
  9. I cam from Orbiter, so KSP was rather easy. :-p But I did stage my parachute with my engine on my first ship. Docking took me a while to master. I finally put my two ships into almost the exact same orbit so that at the farthest they would only be 10 meters apart. When that moment came when both ships raced away from me, I throw my hands up and went 'Now what did I do wrong!' Then it dawned on me that, oh, I had docked. My first asteroid encounter was tricky and bringing one back took me several refueling missions. I was trying to push it and of course had terrible steering problems.
  10. They are really small raw images, and I think it is possible I might have mistaken a gamma ray trail for UT. http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/soc/UltimaThule-Encounter/
  11. Not yet, but they are thinking the on board LORRI imager might even be the one to find it. They are going to use the Hubble Space Telescope, providing it stays functional, and the JWST when it is in orbit to look, but those determinations are still at least a year away.
  12. The LORRI images from today make it look like it is shaped a bit like a kidney bean, although it is still small and blurry, so it could be a contact binary. I am starting to lean towards low rotational momentum. Given its apparent shape it seems the albedo should have changed if it was spinning.
  13. 50,700 kilometers per hour. http://pluto.jhuapl.edu/News-Center/News-Article.php?page=20181218 "After almost three weeks of sensitive searches for rings, small moons and other potential hazards around the object, New Horizons Principal Investigator Alan Stern gave the "all clear" for the spacecraft to remain on a path that takes it about 2,200 miles (3,500 kilometers) from Ultima, instead of a hazard-avoiding detour that would have pushed it three times farther out. With New Horizons blazing though space at some 31,500 miles (50,700 kilometers) per hour, a particle as small as a grain of rice could be lethal to the piano-sized probe."
  14. I have been beta testing Tropico 6 since the beginning of September, back when it was still invitation only. I actually have not played KSP for 6 months, and was a bit nervous when I started back up yesterday.
  15. "WOW, I actually did that!" That is the additive part of this game. I love it. It is a problem solving game at its core, but it is an open world game where you decide what the problem is. There are no scripted runes you need to solve to open a locked door. You are instead faced with an indifferent universe that does not care whether you succeed or not, and you do have to obey the universe's Newtonian physics rules - or you fail - or even die. But you have a huge tool box to solve your problems. How you use it is totally up to you. You have command pods, fuel tanks, engines, and a lot more stuff. There are no icons clues that guide you through climbing to the top of a mountain. It is up to you to craft a solution. But when you do finally craft that solution and land a Kerbal on Mun, it was YOUR solution - nobody else's . That is when you get that "WOW, I actually did that!" moment.