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  1. Here are a few of my favorite snapshots.
  2. One of the problems with a KerbalKon is that the community is so willing to give away their hard work on mods (both software and hardware designs) for free. Not that that is bad thing, but it would be hard to justify the personal expense of setting up a booth in some distant local just to show off your cool controller knowing you will get little to nothing in return to offset the costs.
  3. Swigert: "Okay, Houston, we've had a problem here." [Krrrr] Lousma: "This is Houston. Say again, please." [Krrrr] Lovell: "Uh, Houston, we've had a problem." [Krrrr] Lovell: "We've had a MAIN B BUS UNDERVOLT." [Krrrr] Lousma: "Roger, MAIN B UNDERVOLT." [Krrrr] Lousma: "Okay, stand by, Thirteen, we're looking at it." (Some might say that making 'Krrrr' sounds between communications between the Command Center and the space craft is purely optional - but I think they are just being lazy.)
  4. I once put a ladder on upside down. I was so proud of myself, I had successfully placed my lander on the surface. I unfurled my ladder - and it went straight up into the air. One giant leap for a Kerbal, one small step for Kerbalkind.
  5. I have been thinking of writing a tongue-and-cheek short story very loosely based on H. P. Lovecraft's The Dreams Within the Witch's House. A young minor Kerbin engineer has a theory that it is possibly to visit other dimensions with the proper alignment of geometric shapes. He finds himself as the lone occupant of the first ever Mun station (Because of a glitch, the Kerbin return vessel forgot to add a parachute and all the other Kerbins are stranded on the orbiting Mun station.) The land base Mun Space Station was designed by Gene Kerman, the only Kerbin with light colored hair, and is seemingly built on the hilly Mun landscape in a haphazard random manner. But then, during the long Mun nights, our young Kerbin engineer starts having dreams...
  6. I am just thinking out loud. I have been thinking about building a custom KSP controller, but when I start looking at the components and programming required, I started to get a bit overwhelmed. But then I started thinking... A USB keyboard already has all the circuitry and programming built in. As I understand it, the typical keyboard has a circuit board and two sheets. The outer sheet connects with the physical key. The top sheet then contacts a point on the second sheet. The second inter sheet contacts a point on the circuit board. So if you could map the first sheet to the second sheet you should know which pins on the circuit board produces specific codes. I should take a keyboard apart and see just how small the board is (I am not very good at soldering), but would it be possible to hack a USB keyboard as the starting point for a custom KSP controller?
  7. Valley Forge after the 1972 movie Silent Running.
  8. The best place to follow what is happening is at The Daily Kerbal It looks like they have three different projects going on. The QA team is working to squash bugs in 1.3.1, and work on consoles. The programmers are working on the Mission Creator for Making History. The artists are working on modeling the Voskhod 1 IVA. In the meantime, here is a cool diagram of the Voskhod... Today is also the 53 anniversary of the Ranger 7's famous picture of the Moon! Did I mention I am kind of in to space flight history?
  9. After my hard dive failure I lost a captured asteroid, so I thought I would catch a new one. Bucking best practices, I decided to intercept it in Kebol orbit well before it encountered Kerbin. It really does not use that much more Delta-V. The intercept went flawlessly, but for some reason I could not pivot the Advance Grabber to center of mass. While admittedly the consumption of certain zymologic beverages may have compromised my judgement, in a moment of frustration, I used the F12 cheat option to just put the asteroid in orbit around Kerbin. And then my ship, with it's nuclear powered engine, just disappeared... Maybe it was 'assimilated' in some Borgian like way, but it is gone? I can not find it anywhere even thought the 'ship' is still named 'Asteroid Hunter I". It is not a big deal. It had severed it purpose and I was just going to de-orbit it anyway. Anyway, the next mission is to dock a miner with my small Class E asteroid now in orbit around Kerbin
  10. Is there a heads-up display that replaces the nav ball? In certain situations I find myself concentrating on the nav-ball and not even looking at the rest of the screen, i.e docking. I am not sure it is even possible, but it would be cool if you had a heads-up display in the center of the screen that allows you to see everything on the screen overlaid with a transparent display of all the information of the nav-ball.
  11. I think it all can be explained with the help of H. P. Lovecraft. When Kerbin was still new, the Elder Things colonizing the planet about one billion years ago. The Elder Things were somewhere half way between animal and plants and capable of hibernating for millions of years. The Elder Things created most life forms on Kerbin simply to assist them in their colonization of the planet, which will ultimately lead to a human like race on Kerbin. But I get ahead of myself. After millions of years ruling Kerbin uncontested, other species arrived, most notable Cthulhu (represented by the Kraken in KSP) and the Deep Ones who are sort of frog like beings that live mostly beneath the sea but are amphibious.. Great wars were fought. Over the countless millenniums the alien civilizations declined. The last Elder Ones city was far to the south where the happy face can still be seen. Long ago having forgotten their animosity, the Deep Ones interbreed with the Elder Things given the Deep Ones plant like features and the ability to hibernate for long long periods of time. While all this is going on, one of the life forms the Elder Ones created evolved into human like creatures. The hybrid Elder Things/Deep Ones interbreed with the humanoids ("The Shadow Over Innsmouth" (1931)). Another dark age ensues in which all knowledge of their alien origins is lost. The current Kerbils have the plant like part of the Elder Ones, The frog like look of the Deep Ones, and the insipid stupidity of the humanoids.
  12. In the real solar system it is Uranus, just because of its unfortunate name. We really need to rename that planet. Here is my suggestion. Since Uranus is the planet furthest from the Sun that is visible from the Earth with the naked eye, we should start the new name with the prefix 'a' with the meaning 'not' (as in 'apolitical') and logically follow the prefix with a reference to the sun. So, putting it together, I think we should rename the planet Asol.
  13. I am running KSP on a AMD A8-8600P Radeon R6 at 1.60 GHz with turbo up to 3.0GHz with 8 gigs of RAM. I can get the fans spinning, but I don't drop frames all that often. The game is playable. I am thinking a cheap desktop that could work with KSP is the Lenovo Desktop PC 510A-15IKL 90GV0002US Pentium G4560. You can get it for about $300. The reason I mention this instead of a personal build, is you get Windows 10 included (Windows 10 personal costs $119.99).. It has the Intel HD Graphics 610, which is not great, but is better than what I have now. On the plus side, the 7th generation Intel Pentium G4560 is a decent two core CPU for gaming, and is cheaper than a comparable i3-7100. Since KSP is CPU intensive and mainly using just one core, the 3.5 GHz would work pretty darn well I think - at least for a $300 computer. But it is not very up gradable, limited by the 180 watt power supply. It has an open half-length, full-height, PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, but you would have to replace the power supply to use any more useful graphics card. And then of course you might run into heat issues... But for $300, I am sure it would serve for people on a tight budget, and it is the only pre-built Intel G4560 box I can find.
  14. Well, in the settings there is 'Max Physics Delta-Time per Frame'. It basically slows down the game clock, so if you have it all the way to the right, 1 second in game time can take as much as 15 seconds in real time. But people with high count vessels do sometime use it to make the game smoother.
  15. My solution was a bit involved. Mining takes some time, so I started with that. 1. Launch a M700 Survey Scanner in Polar orbit around Minimus to find where the ore is. 2. Land a simple rover with a Surface Scanning Module to find the best spot on the surface for your base. 3. Land the miner. (Actually I ended up landing three. My first one kept overheating. So make sure you use plenty of radiators. The third one was for the mono fuel used by my shuttle) 4. Land my tanker rover to transfer fuel from the miner to the shuttle. That was the hardest mission. Tanker rovers are big and not very aerodynamic. 5. Land the shuttle that takes the fuel from Minmus' surface up to the space station. (I screwed up there too. I thought I could have a multi-functional shuttle that could transfer both Kerbals and fuel, but it was too heavy to transfer fuel efficiently, so I went with an unmanned shuttle.) 6. And finally put my space station in orbit around Minimus.