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  1. Time to LKO? Real time.

    I think what he is referring to here is the fact that Intel has no less than 14 different I5-7000 series CPUs. The high end server version has totally different specs than does their lowest end low wattage laptop I5-7000. You can't just say you are using an I5 and have it convey any real meaning. With that being said, I am an CPU agnostic. There is something I am missing in this thread. Even with my modest AMD A8-8600 Radeon R6 with 8 GB of RAM, I am not dropping graphic or physics frames. Are we talking about how efficient we have become in getting into orbit? With a ship like that, even as circumspect as I am, I could get into orbit in less than 10 minutes. With bigger ships I do run in to problems with doing gravity turns, and I DO have to launch straight up at times, and circularize my orbit at APO. When I launch a fuel tanker rover, my orbit can be WAY off the equatorial, but I am glad I just got the darn thing in orbit - and I will worry about aligning planes later.
  2. Graphics sugguestions?

    In the settings there is Max Physics Delta-time per Frame. In the Unity game engine there are two separate frames, the FPS we are use to thinking about, but there is also the physics frames. You can adjust the Max Physics Delta-time per Frame in the KSP settings. Please correct me if I am wrong here, but moving the slider to the right will slow down the physics calculations when the CPU is bogged down. So, for instance, 10 seconds in game time will take say 12 seconds in real time, but you will get more frames per second. The game will look smoother. In a first person shooter this delay will take away from the feeling of realism (when everyone is moving slower, you will notice it) but in a space game like KSP it is not as big of a problem. If your FPS gets below 10 or to a point where it is annoying, try moving the slider a bit to the right.You will get more FPS, but the game might feel a bit more sluggish.
  3. Large land bases

    LOL! I must admit I did use Hyperedit just to see what I could put on Minmus. Both the Kerbal Planetary Base Systems and Hyperedit were new toys for me, and I wanted to see what was possible. The three module station houses just under 150 Kerbins (if you do not count the Hitchhiker cans) and 24 greenhouses. The five story apartment complex in the back was a challenge to land even with Hyperedit. It can't really exist on Kerbin, so I had to use ALT-F12 to immediately put it in orbit and drop it one meter to Minmus' surface. Actually I do not consider Hyperedit a cheat in all cases. It was designed to put boats in the water. My idea is a sandbox game based in the near future where a station already exists. It can get a bit tedious to spend the time to build yet another base in a new game, when the objective of the game is deep space exploration.
  4. I have run into a strange glitch. First I am new to Hyperedit, so maybe I am just doing something wrong. When I place a base on say Minmus the first landing goes flawless. But then if I press Esc and go back to the hanger to fix a glaring flaw in my design, and then try to land the base at the same spot, the ship explodes. If I pick a new spot it works fine. All I can think is Hyperedit still thinks the first instance of the ship is still on the ground in the same spot.
  5. Kerbal Moods?

    I am not sure about that, but in my experience it is mostly their 'stupidity' rating, The stupider your Kerbal is, the less likely they are to realize what you are asking them to do is likely to get them killed.
  6. I just sent a resource scanner to Dres to explore the possibility. To date I have been using Minmus. I have the direct flight from surface to space station down, so I can transfer fuel very efficiently. You have the large flat terrain which allows me to be sloppy and use solar powered rovers to transfer fuel from miners to fuel transfer shuttles. It is really a no brainer. I have been toying with an asteroid in a geosynchronous orbit above Kerbin just ahead of the KSC. If you could launch directly to the asteroid space station, knowing it will be in the exact same place every time, you could perfect your launch to it, and do it whenever you wanted. It would simply some things. But asteroids really do not provide all that much fuel. I thought about Gilly. Because it is a permanent body in the game, I am assuming it would have infinite ore to extract for fuel unlike asteroids. If I could figure out how to do a space elevator - I would just use Kerbin.
  7. Dang! KSP updated and broke one of my mods

    I chased down the offending mod. It was written by some bozo named 'Ty Tan Tu'. Apparently this jerk, Ty Tan Tu, just stole a stock part and thought he could reprogram it to do what I am sure he thought was some cool 'enhancement'. Well it did not work, did it Ty Tan Tu! D'oh!!!! (That is the blush emoticon).
  8. Modding a Mod

    You will probably get a better response in the 'Add-on Discussion' section, but just to point you in the right direction, every part will have a cfg file, usually named parts.cfg. In there you can easily change things like mass, drag and thrust for engines. I am not really a modder, so I am not the one who can give you detailed help.
  9. Game Crash

    I am guessing your game updated to 1.3.1. One or maybe more of your mods is not compatible yet. What I did was just delete all of the mods in the Game Data folder and then slowly add them back in until I hit the crush again. Then you will need to look for an update to the mod.
  10. I have the Steam version of the game and I just got the update, and of course the game crashed. I deleted all the mods in my Game Data folder and the game loaded. Now I have to figure out which mod broke the game. I use to freak out about this, but now I was already anticipating it . In the meantime - here is my Sputnik picture.
  11. Thoughts on a Gaming Controller for KSP?

    There is the Steam Controller which has native support in KSP. I was a bit intrigued after watching the video below. But I play the PC version, and build rockets, so in the final analysis I decided the key board worked better for the way I play the game. But watch the video so you know what to expect with a controller.
  12. I have this bad habit of starting a new sandbox game just to test one of my crazy ideas or some new part - and then forgetting about them? My saves have such creative names as ' Testing 123', 'New Parts Test', and 'Terrapin Station'. Nothing to give me a hint about what I was thinking about at the time, 'Terrapin Station' has a five story habitat on Minimus. 'Testing 123' has three asteroids orbiting Kerbin. I think the idea was to setup fueling stations in low, synchronous, and extra high Kerbin orbits. 'New Parts'Test' I had completely forgotten about, but it was a crazy idea that was pretty cool. It has the beginning of a floating base on Laythe. There is a Hitchhiker can attached to a science lab floating on Laythe, The idea was, you do not have to land on one of Laythe''s islands, you can just use boats to build a floating station on the planet. Anyway, does anyone else have old saved games you are not actively playing, but do not want to delete quite yet?
  13. Wow! After watching Scott Manley's video I have to try this, but it looks like I am going to have to compile it from the source code downloaded from GitHub. Which is something I can do, but it will have to wait for this weekend. Is there a Windows 64 complied version?
  14. If I had my druthers I would get rid of the whole SOI (sphere of influence) and make it closer to a full physics simulation. One of the things I miss from Orbiter is the high Callisto orbits. The orbits could get weird enough that I would really start thinking deeper about the three body problem. You could also set up Lagrangian orbits. Setting up a halo orbit around Lagrangian points is really cool, and something you can not do in KSP..
  15. Does it have ore you can mine? Maybe you can attach resource extractors and use the ore to fuel the rocket? Second question, what is the drag on a thing like this? If you zoom in on normal asteroids, it contains a tiny little cube.