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  1. I found a way around the de-funding bugs. You have to go into the .kfg files in the DataGame folder and change the name of Neil Armstrong (I guess he's the equivalent of our Jebediah Kerman or something) to Elon Musk. All of your budget constraints go away and you get to do whatever you want without interference from glitches such as "the government" or "de-funding".
  2. A while ago I saw a video on YT of a recreation of the ISV Venture Star from James Cameron's Avatar. The spacecraft in the movie was part of a fleet of twelve vessels meant to carry people and cargo to Alpha Centauri. I love sci-fi. I really love sci-fi when they do their research and make something that is a lot closer to sci than fi. The ISV Venture Star falls into this category. It is quite the gorgeous ship and really quite practical and realistic (for a fictional interstellar starship) when it comes to parts, equipment, design, etc. The ship in the video was quite the amazing spacecraft and a very nice build, but I wanted to get as close to accurate as my rinky dink little computer can handle. So for the past few hours that's exactly what I did. Hope y'all enjoy! Here is a diagram and picture for reference: And here is mine (I tried to recreate the image, but then realized I had it rotated 90 degrees). Oh well.. It is approximately 925,000 tons fully fueled and about 1400 meters in length (slightly shorter than the diagram due to the fact that I did not include the shields and only the protective mirror). Astonishly I was able to make it with only 192 parts so my caveman computer can run it just fine (definitely could go twice that, but would be dealing with about 5-10 fps). I may even be able to make two valkyrie shuttles and attach them without it setting on fire! Thanks to whoever made the original video and craft as you are my partial inspiration for this! Let me know what y'all think! Cheers, Taylor EDIT: I will be spacing out the radiator slightly and extending the rear truss to more accurately match it. I'll eventually add the shields (I think) at which point I'll also angle the engines outward slightly to also more accurately match the spacecraft.
  3. @dlrk Interstellar adds reactors that are a lot more powerful and futuristic than NFT's, whereas NFT's are more simple and more stockalike. It all depends on what you are looking for. As to a patch? I have no idea. I don't know any off of the top of my head.
  4. Did KSP-I remove the solar sail part or am I losing my mind?
  5. @Snark Darn, I had to do to that to my previous save right before I gave up. I'll do it on this one and see if I can't narrow it down again, but it almost seemed as if the issue was in the Squad folder itself (which is why I thought a new download would fix it). Thanks for the help. I hope I can get it fixed soon. And my apologies for posting this in the wrong section. Quite a long Monday filled with preparing for finals so I'm pretty drained.
  6. Alright so for a while now I've been messing around with a heavily modified version of KSP. Not too long ago silly me accidentally modified some stuff in the GameData folder while the game was running and absolute hilarity ensued (and a very furious me). I was unable to find anyway to fix the problem so I literally had to go and build the game from scratch again (downloading a new KSP, downloading all the mods, modifying them to how I like, etc.). It took quite a long time to rebuild it. Now I'm finding I'm having the same issues I had in this new fresh build (phantom forces, parts partially clipping and spazzing, random accelerations or decelerations while in the tracking station, stuff exploding, etc.). So before I throw my computer out the window I was hoping some other people might have experienced a similar problem and hopefully may have found some sort of solution (or can at least tell me what the problem is). I'm more than happy to provide log files, screenshots, etc. if needed. I'd really like to figure this out as I'm trying to start a miniseries here on the forums and this keeps delaying it. Thanks in advance for any help y'all can provide! Cheers, Taylor
  7. @CaptainKorhonen That looks pretty futuristic to me! Reminds me a little bit of the Hermes from The Martian or the ISV Venture Star from Avatar. Perhaps even a colony ship from Destiny?
  8. @Azimech I could kiss you with my Kerbal lips. Thank you so very much!
  9. @Azimech Thank you very much! Do you know what I'd do for a multi-mode engine (similar to the RAPIER, but both of the modes would run on Lf+Ox)?
  10. Howdy everyone! I'm not the greatest when it comes computers (I'd consider myself a little more advanced than your average Joe-Shmo) and I've been trying to do some .cfg file editing on jet engines. My goal is relatively simple (I think). I want to turn most of the jet engines I have in various mods and in the Squad folder itself into rocket engines (Have them be closed cycle Lf-Ox engines instead of air-breathing combustion engines). I first experimented with the stock J-404 "Panther" with no success. I was wondering if someone could give me a little assistance on how I would do something like that. I'd preferably like to be able to keep the "afterburner" effect on engines with an afterburner too by hopefully just turning it into a dual-mode rocket engine (which I know is quite possible). Thanks in advance for any assistance! Cheers, Taylor
  11. I love me some good sci-fi whether it is Star Trek, Titanfall, Halo, Star Citizen, or most anything else. I also happen to really enjoy recreating spacecraft in KSP from different games, movies, shows, etc. I haven't really found an official thread that focuses on sci-fi ships regardless of functionality. I figured I'd start a thread for any spacecraft that seems remotely "sci-fiey" whether or not it actually serves a purpose or if it even flies with out cheats/mods. So, post away your awesome sci-fi spacecraft! I'll start with some of my own:
  12. @Kosmonaut Oh yes there will be all of that. I will have a more official first post that will introduce a few characters along with spaceflight. This post was just meant to give a very basic back story. The main story will focus on spaceflight, space combat, exploration, along with various parts being on planets/moons. I'll have plenty of screenshots for your viewing pleasure. As I posted earlier I've suffered a major kraken attack so I'm currently going and re-editing all of the .cfg files and downloading everything from scratch. Take a look at this earlier post that I used to show off some of my creations (sadly you're not going to see any of these exact spacecraft due to that annoying kraken, but it'll at least give you an idea of what to expect). Glad to see you're interested in this! I will hopefully have an official first post up in the next week or two.
  13. @Kosmonaut Haha, my apologies. You're right. I didn't specifically say anything about Canada except at the beginning. I'll make a quick edit for that. Thanks!
  14. UPDATE: Okay so I literally have to go and re-download everything for this game because I cannot isolate the problem. This means I'll have to go back and re-edit all of the .cfg files... again. This is a process that took maybe three months last time (albeit I was working much more casually). I'm hoping I will have it all figured out within a week or two. I've sadly also been unable to transfer any vehicles over from the previous save (which really, really, really angers me because I had some craft in there that I very much so liked.) I don't think this post has really gained much of a following at all so I don't think it will inconvenience anyone. Anyways... I'll keep additional updates going here as needed. Cheers, Taylor
  15. I'm going to have to put this whole idea on hold following quite the kraken attack on my KSP save and the game as a whole. It is currently unplayable and I am finessing around with duplicating things over to a fresh install. I have no idea when this is going to be working again and I may end up scrapping this idea as a whole if it takes too long. Apologies if there was anyone looking forward to seeing some cool sci-fi stuff from the game. Cheers, Taylor
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