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  1. Pease make the previews larger. They are currently small and pixelated,. Why not make a a hover over option with a larger thumbnail?
  2. @Nils277 Ah yeah I totally missed that - that solves it completely! Thanks!
  3. Hi @JadeOfMaar this is mod is by far my favorite, more than Mechjeb probably I was wondering if you think we could see an inline docking port for K sized ships in the future? Thanks
  4. Hello @Nils277 I was wondering if you could explain how to install the deprecated parts for ksp 1.4.2 (if possible)? I really miss being able to use the elbow, 3 ended and other gangways... I've tried dragging the "Legacy" folder from the separate Deprecated download (https://www.dropbox.com/s/ti2vqbqcn5vsxys/PlanetaryBaseInc_Deprecated_Parts.zip) into the "Parts" folder of the PlanetaryBaseInc folder but they're still not showing up in the editor. I've also tried dragging the individual part fils into subfolder of the mod such as "Structural" etc, but that doesn't seem to work
  5. @K.Yeon Do you think it would be possible to add a K Inline Large Docking Port similar to the J Inline Large Docking Port?
  6. Same here, when I activate the nozzle, the particle effect is visible but no fuel is dumped Found the fix: change the nozzle size in the editor, the default value wasn't dumping any fuel for me
  7. Wow @Denko666 Beautiful planes, which mods are used to build them (a part from OPT) ? Would you be ok with posting the craft files?
  8. Hi Nils, Here are some things I've notice on my end: It seems the decoupler is absent from this build (the one used for the trip or bi coupler). The "container" parts seems also seem to be absent (the ones used to insert fuel, monopropellant etc.) Thanks again for the PRE build
  9. Idea: Reproduction Underlying Mechanic: Having to supply your base with sufficient resources to sustain population growth (bringing more modules or building them on location)
  10. This mod doesn't seem to work with Macs, the backquote key doesn't toggle the radar altimeter it appears...
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