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  1. Would there be a way for you to make a "Helicopter Flight" mode? It would have one key difference: Instead of rolling to yaw you just yaw, and it would also make use of thrusters for yaw movement ( idk if this mod uses thrusters to yaw,roll,or pitch, or if its even possible).
  2. Ok so i kind of derped out and didn't realize that tandem rotors means two rotors, on my craft i only have one Gemini rotor and that glitch with the hover happens.
  3. The rotor can't actually reach that high rpm, if you look in the right click menu while at max rpm limit and full throttle you can see where the rpm bottoms out. And Tweakscale compatibility has been a thing that's discussed over and over, I do not prioritize external mods over the mod itself, that's why there are user patches on the OP. Which probably has what you need. Oh... sorry for bothering you, i actually downloaded the mod from CKAN and only checked this forum for updates.
  4. Just as a reference point does anyone know how much the rotors can actually lift? For example the Gemini rotor (the very big one) can't lift my 7 ton craft at 200 rpm and can't actually go past 400 rpm but the helicopter is somewhat controllable in flight. And im also encountering a strange bug, when i set the Gemini rotor on that craft in hover mode the helicopter just drops. Also could you make the helicopter skids TweakScale compatible?
  5. I actually can't use the rotors, the rotor is at full power but doesn't produce thrust, there is fuel and intake air so am i missing something?
  6. Yes, i went into GameData\MagicSmokeIndustries\Parts and from there went to all the individual parts and opened the config files named "part" then replaced this: category = none with category = Utility With the right tool (Notepad++) it doesn't take more than 5 minutes. You open all the configs with Notepad++, go to the "Search" bar then "Replace..." option, then in the Find what field put "none" and in the Replace with field put "Utility" or whatever category you would like it to be in, then click Replace All in All Opened Documents, and its done.
  7. Would it be possible for you to make the glass panes have different versions that are toggled from the right click menu, those versions would consist of glass panes without frames on one side, two sides, three sides and frameless panes.
  8. Does this mod work with KSP 1.3? if not ill just wait for the update.
  9. I made ksp load with the legacy parts and reworked parts but only the core (as with the others it CTD's) but there is no Infernal robotics category in the building menu and i can't find them anywhere. Anyone know how to help? EDIT: the legacy parts are there but the reworked parts are nowhere to be found, does it require all the modules for the mod to work? EDIT 2: I fixed it! the reason why they didn't appear is because the parts that move aren't assigned to any category. Now i have to ask, is it intentional?
  10. Yea, that happens to me too, but its still usable.
  11. Here is what i think looks better: The font is Sans, 18 in size but should be a bit smaller, i couldn't get it any smaller in photoshop.