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  1. Hey gang first off I'm very very happy we got breaking ground its amazing! but I've run into a few bugs and I've tried to find a way around them but still no solution I was trying to play with the r7000 turboshaft engine and the engine itself was not spinning as it starts it only starts rotating at .02% and stalls completely I've done the same thing to make sure Iam doing it right with the smaller turbo shaft the r121 and that one was working correctly despite making the same adjustments But there was a few bugs regarding some of the physics with it as well I'm not sure if that is normal; when it comes to my fixed-wing version using the smaller turbo shaft for a prop engine as soon as I turn it on the craft starts violently Banks sideways hard and make makes flying impossible and I wasn't using that much RPMs But all in all I still am tinkering with the new stuff but I'm definitely excited about this new expansion and I hope this can get fixed and if it's not the game then who knows it could be me LOL but please look into it. again I tried everything I can to get that large turboshaft engine to work and it has yet to even spin But anyway thanks
  2. gotcha, I will clean it up a bit and I hope it works. Thanks DaCana
  3. I've tried it a few times you need to cross feed it through the dock clamp I usually have a small vessel with a X-200-32 FT at the end of it orbiting the main planet once connected you can tinker with the cross feed on the dock clamp and be sure to adjust the fuel click on the tank micro options in just starting to get the hang of the actions on the build menu good luck bud
  4. I feel your pain im on Xbox and this is destroying my dreams and goals I was hoping to do if it wasn't for this bug I probably would have a fleet of ships and a moon base by now! Lol and all of my 12 rovers that should be on duna that I had to redo cuz of this lol!
  5. not to sound like a broken record but I've been to duna 7 times had to rebuild my rover/ rocket the same amount of times, my saves and quick saves never stick. I've honestly have yet to put this game down, I love it I've been waiting for something like this to come to the counsels for a long time, but im getting burned out repeating the same processes that I need to do to get back to where I left off, just 2 min ago I got my rover on duna ... Agian got Sci and hard saved it twice on the space center quick saved it twice and backed out to the main menu and quit the game on the dashboard on my Xbox reloaded it all up agian and it was still there loaded it back up played for 3 mins then it crashed, reloaded it and all my saves I did were gone. I really do hope squad and/or FT gets this fixed crashing I can understand but this corrupt save this it driving me and these other guys crazy!!! Lol but I really love LOVE THIS GAME just this problem is making me hate it...