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  1. I just realized that I am testing some ASET props that are in beta right now and that's probably what you are seeing if you don't have them. I am sure there will be an update coming to ASET Props in the future.
  2. I am using ASET props v1.4 and ASET avionics v2.0.
  3. Completely redid the dashboard and cockpit, and it seems to be moving along quite nice. Still have to do a lot of gauges and work on the copilot side. Then some work to make it look nicer/cleaner. Right now I am just trying to make it functional.
  4. Hi. I am working on making an IVA for the Mk2, but am having some problems with the resolutions on my monitors. They look low-res with lots of dots on the screen. All of the other props appear fine. I saw that some others were having the same issue a couple pages back but couldn't tell how they resolved the issue. I have already tried reinstalling RPM and the issue persists. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Edit: Fixed the problem with a full reinstall of the game and RPM.
  5. Just started working on an advanced IVA for the Mk2 cockpit using RPM and ASET Props and Avionics. Thought I would share my progress and get some feedback from the community. Feel free to share opinions or suggestions. They are appreciated. Thanks to @alexustas for creating these beautiful props to work with. I am still messing around with all of the props and seeing what they can/can't do. This is a very early WIP, but I should have something to download soon enough. Somebody had to make this.
  6. @Yakvi, that is the Mk1-2 IVA from forum user alexustas. He also made the A.L.C.O.R., Mk1 cockpit, and Mk1 Landercan IVA's that are all top-notch. He is currently in the process of updating/improving them right now as well. You should certainly check them out.
  7. I didn't know this was a thing. This is my new standard crew! Only one problem. The Mk1-2 doesn't fit four... so someone is going to have to ride up top. Don't worry, I brought snacks.
  8. Here are some flight plans I made for Galileo's Planet Pack. Put them somewhere in your /GameData folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6rya1p7n30ap4i/GaelFlightPlans.cfg?dl=0
  9. Well that went a lot quicker than I thought. I know this is pretty niche, but I hope this helps for anyone who is interested. The Kramax approaches are quite long, but they are really accurate and make landing a breeze imo. Let me know if there are any issues or if anyone would like a different approach for RWY 27(it is currently an approach from the west). Included are flight plans for Departure on RWY 09 and Landing on RWY's 09 and 27. Also custom NAVID's for RWY's 09 and 27 for NavUtilities Continued. Put them somewhere in your /GameData folder if you want. Kramax Auto-Pilot Flight Plans: https://www.dropbox.com/s/x6rya1p7n30ap4i/GaelFlightPlans.cfg?dl=0 NavUtilities Continued Runways: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vdg58hjbg1y2hlq/customRunways.cfg?dl=0 Edit: Updated flight plans in dropbox. Landing on RWY 09 is much smoother even with larger craft.
  10. I have been getting into space planes lately and thought I would have a go at creating some Kramax flight plans for the runways at GSC. I am currently just doing a departure for runway 09 and landing guidance for runways 09 and 27. The departure was easy enough, but I am still tweaking the landings. Those mountains made the landing kind of difficult landing at runway 09, but I almost have it dialed in. I have also already done GSC RWY 09 and 27 as well for NavUtilities HSI that I will probably include. Should be ready in a couple days or something like that.
  11. Too many pictures. This nuclear powered SSTO is something I have been working on. I really like the S.U.R.G.E. engine and built the craft around that. It is really stable to orbit and back, with almost enough fuel for a second trip.
  12. Pretty sure that the newest version of Kopernicus is causing that issue.
  13. Yeah. I had to. These are some of the biggest vehicles I have ever had to build for GPP and I am not really used to it. Still kind of struggling to build good interplanetary vehicles.
  14. Sent an unmanned probe out to Icarus to see what the fuss was all about. The pictures just came back and Jebediah Gaelan likes what he sees. We will be sending some satellites and surface probes out to gather more info before risking any Gaelan lives though. Looks like it will be over 2 months until our next launch window, but that gives us plenty of time to prepare.
  15. Awesome. Just grabbed the newest version for the improved calculations. Didn't realize I had an outdated version. Thanks for your help!
  16. Thanks for the great mod. I am having a small issue with the Astrogator RPM. I am using Galileo's Planet Pack, and the normal Astrogator window shows all bodies correctly, but the Astrogator on RPM seems to have missed something. Not really sure what's going on. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Here is what I am talking about:
  17. I don't think that is a bug. More like a feature that was never there. My workaround has been to grab the Kramax window as far down as I can (not the Flight plan management window), and drag it to the top of my screen. The Flight Plan Management window will follow and I am able to see most of the flight plans that way.
  18. Thanks for the cool sunflares! I have been using the Canaan flare with GPP in replacement for Ciro's until that flare gets sorted. It's a lot bigger, but certainly makes for some pretty pictures. Thought I would share some:
  19. Yes. I am using a separate skybox. GPP doesn't come with it's own skybox as far as I know. I have it installed with texture replacer replaced for pretty, sparkling stars. Kind of redundant to have two separate texture replacers, but it doesn't interfere with my original texture replacer install, and the skybox is all I use it for right now. I also have disabled a feature in distance object enhancer that dims the skybox by default.
  20. This is the best looking KSP has ever been! Thank you very much! It looked good with SVE and SVT but this is ridiculous. I am actually considering starting a career game now with all of these beautiful new planets to explore. I seem to be having some issues with the sun or the sunflare causing horizontal and vertical lines. It seems to only happen when the sun and flare are in camera view. When the sun is covered up by a craft it goes away. Not the biggest issue but it kind of bugs me as everything else is working perfectly. Any ideas? Here are some pictures:
  21. Is the sun supposed to be a lot smaller than stock in this mod? It seems very tiny to me, almost like a distant star. I haven't messed with any configs and this is the second clean install where the sun seems way out of proportion. Not sure what's going on but any help would be appreciated. I would like to get my sun back to how it was with Galileo's sun flare I have installed. Thanks! Here is what it looks like now (yes, that is the sun, not a star): Here is what it looked like before(how I would like it):
  22. I was just curious if there were any plans to bring some city lights to Earth in this mod? Thanks!
  23. Hi. I just installed this mod today and seem to be missing a bunch of parts. I even tried reinstalling but am having the same problem. The files appear to be in the correct folder, and my 30 other mods are working just fine, but some parts don't appear in the VAB and others do appear. I am on 1.3 and not using RSS/RO. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit: Nevermind. I am an idiot. They were there the whole time. Mod is great and looks amazing, but I ran into another hiccup. Any reason why the windshield of the crew cabin and the inside of the fuselage doors would be bright purple. The crew cabin looks normal in IVA. http://imgur.com/a/ywSK7 Edit 2: Windowshine solved that problem.
  24. Hi. I am having a little trouble with clouds on this mod. Just downloaded and installed this and now there are no clouds and scatterer doesn't pop up at the start menu. I am also getting an error message when starting up KSP, "1 error related to gamedata/stockvisualenhancements/sve_configs/scatterer_setting.cfg". Any ideas or help? Thanks. Edit: I just reinstalled everything and it seems to be working fine now. Love the mod. Thanks!
  25. That's nice of you to say. It's not everyone that comes across that way certainly. I am sure that things will be much better when 1.2 finally drops. With the game in it's current state on console though, it is hard if not impossible for us to participate in a lot of the community challenges and events. Perhaps we could start some console challenges in the mean time. I am still able to do certain stuff on the console version, like build an ISS replica, or create Apollo type missions. Can still build SSTO's. Anything past Minmus and I usually have issues though. Would anyone even be interested in console challenges?
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