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  1. Thanks for bringing this mod to life. When I was using RO, this camera disappeared unexpectedly. I want to know how to use this camera under RO, thank you!
  2. It turned out to be because of this reason, I thought it was not enough for my configuration.
  3. Thanks to the author. I look forward to the day when the spot landing code is born.
  4. Hi. Thank you for bringing this mod. Emm... I have a problem, when I run the engine, the GUI will shift, as I described in the video below. In some cases, if the GUI is not actively moved, it will also shift itself. I would like to ask what caused this situation?
  5. @Avera9eJoeHello,author. I have encountered some problems when using the mod. When looking at the planet in orbit, the effect displayed is slightly different from different angles. As shown in the picture below, looking at different angles seems to beautify Not completely covered on the surface. Please pay attention to those places in the upper left corner.
  6. @TaxiServiceHI.I have a question.Need you to answer it for me.Thanks. When I build a command center,how many Kerbals do I need at least?
  7. I tried it and it opened, but I didn't expect to hide in such a corner, hhhh. thank you
  8. HI,I did n’t express clearly when I asked. I also tried again, when I press 'M' to enter map mode, the window is invisible when the mouse cursor is hovering over the window, but when in mouse mode, it is visible when the flight cursor is hovering over the window. When I return from map mode to flight mode, it is still not visible. Only when I reopen the window from flight mode. A video I recorded showing the problems I encountered.
  9. Hello, author. I have a question. The window drawn in red on the picture, when I move the mouse on the left, the window on the right is sometimes not displayed, sometimes displayed, why? Thanks.
  10. @DMagic Hi, The author. I wonder if this mod (Science Relay) supports RemoteTech? Thank you.
  11. Thank you.I'm still thinking, is this the egg of this mod,HH.
  12. Hello, author. First of all thank you for bringing this mod. I have a question. After I put the file in the GameData folder, there is no visual change after opening the game. What is the reason? Is it because other mods are needed? Thanks.
  13. Thank you for keeping this mod alive. I have a question. In the rocket launch phase, after the speed reaches a certain value, the effect also occurs. How to deal with this problem?
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