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  1. @MarkusA380 Hello,I want to ask why did not keep updating?
  2. Hello dear author! I am KSP players in China, is engaged in the process of workers, the I to your source code Interface. The cs for rewriting, increase the support of Localization, and upload the en - us. cfg and zh-cn.cfg. Upload to your GitHub, please check. I am a member of Black Domain Studio(BDS)! THANKS!@MarkusA380
  3. @AceaNF系列所有mod已经全部汉化完毕,并且已经提交给作者了,下面就是等待作者的更新了!!!
  4. Dear international friends: I've been working on the plugin recently, and I wonder what's the Instance fields in kerman's hatch and back? As is shown in Thanks!
  5. Hello, everyone! I would like to ask the KSP Plugins that how to make, is there a tutorial or a building process, I put some of the author's source code download but not how to use, I now the main problem is constructed after don't know how to make successful use in the game, he solved??? (翻译:各位好,我想请问下KSP的Plugins该如何制作,是否有教程或者是建造流程,我把一些作者的源代码下载下来可是不怎么会使用,现在我最主要的问题是构造完之后不知道如何使他在游戏中成功使用,求解???)
  6. Our production team prepares to translate the NF series all mod, which is updated with the part of Solar modification!
  7. 好的,谢谢呢,回去做些修改调整!
  8. hhhhhhh! Very interesting !I am in China, estimate this link is finished, can you send me to my mailbox?? Email address:1304272723@qq.com Thank you very much!!!@Notsure_jr
  9. @MarkusA380Dear author, I would like to translate your PersistentRotation. Can I provide Localization? Thank you very much!
  10. 昨天初来乍到,所以连论坛的版规没看就直接发帖了(手动滑稽),造成了丢人丢到了国际,哎! 闲话少说了,第一次汉化mod,如有不对的地方欢迎指正,此次汉化我用了有道、金山,也包含了自己对文意的理解,其中当然会有不太合理的地方,再次欢迎各位指出,当然了,作者在这次更新的时候,我犯了一个大错误,那就是我竟然忘记了两段的翻译,很失败,怪我没检查一遍!不过我已经将最新的汉化上传给了作者了,所以请各位期待新版本的更新吧! 重复:欢迎各位dalao指正翻译的问题和不合理的地方!本人联系方式:601945062(QQ) 我来自Q群:坎巴拉太空计划黑域KSP(群号:129833426) HHHHHHHHH!
  11. Hi!!!!@KHTREBroken link Hi, I am the player of mod. Now I don't know why the link is wrong. Now I need this mod. I wonder if you have any other link for the player to download??? (these are all machine translations. If there is any impolite language, I am very sorry.)
  12. @Acea 我翻译了Near Future Solar 作者已将mod进行了更新!