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  1. @zitronen Yeah as of now I'm leaving that bug in as a feature because I only have 2 weeks to finish this, since I'm graduating soon. I've definitely been happier with Aerospace han my first degree in physics.
  2. @Freshmeat Extremely ambitious is a very good way to put it. It's a nice place to work but university isn't cheap so it has its downsides. Incase you are wondering I'm an Aerospace engineering student and this has been an independent study for me to work on. Considering when I started I didn't know anything about electronics this has been quite the learning experience. I really like how your panel looks, deadlines made me make the call to use wood instead of metal and its alright.
  3. So I'm a little lazy so instead of making an account on another site. I'm just going to share a view only link to a google drive folder with a few pictures in it. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1TS6rC3EFWVXY4M9WWcvCwBbe7PaloswU?usp=sharing
  4. I'll try and post some photos this weekend I just put up some wallpaper and it looks really cool inside of the capsule, the control panel is still being worked on but it looks really cool IMO. Ok so slowing down the update rate of my displays apparently only fixed half of my problem. The other half of my issue I think so far only happens on the first time you load a rocket on the start of a game. I pulled up the error log and looked at it and 2 things stuck out to me the first time it tried COM 3 then takes 14 times trying to connect to COM 4 and then tries COM 3 which I changed the defa
  5. Do I have to upload the photos to another site first just to point a URL at it to get the photo in my post or is there a better way?
  6. well I think I figured it out, and it a bit specific to my setup since I'm using almost every I/O on the arduino mega and I'm running 8 max7219 Ledcontrol chips so its controlling over 512 leds and that is taking so long the code freezes up so I'm decreasing how many are getting updated each time through the code and so far thats working.
  7. I Love that this thread is still alive, I have a bit of a bug that I was wondering if you guys have seen before. When I load up a rocket so going from the V.A.B. to the launch pad occasionally ~30-40% of the time its seems like things don't load right. I have no control over the rocket and the stages on the left hand side are all missing. the work around that I found is just to return to the V.A.B. and just reload the rocket and most of the time that fixes it. I'm not sure if this has to do with me changing the baud rate in the config file and code to 115200. Or if this is a handsh
  8. https://youtu.be/Oc45gBo7vNY So me and a few others made this with your guys help figured you would think this is cool. It's a two player control panel to play KSP on It's not entirely finished because it needs be made to look nice and installed in the structure but as long as the electronics are working my part is good ^.^ I honestly can't figure out how to attach an image of the full control panel since I'm not used to this form so if you guys can help me attach an image I can send the full view of it.
  9. That mostly fixed it I'm reading the appropriate number now except the whole number blinks, could this be because of the refresh rate of the game or would it be something else?
  10. Hello Again it's been a while but I'm a bit stuck again, I have been able to get the game to output VData to a LCD using the LiquidCrystal.h library but when I try and display VData using 2 7 segment displays and 2 shift registers plus the ShiftDisplay.h library nothing get displayed on my 7 segment displays it's just blank. The 7 segment displays work independently of the code so it seems wired up fine and it can display a value 12345 in the demo code fine but once I try and display VData it doesn't do anything I was wondering If you guys had any idea or I was wondering how you guys disp
  11. Actually yeah that cockpit design looks awesome! also yep I forgot to change the config file for the throttle, now it works and I also figured out how to display VData such as altitude yesterday
  12. Hi guys, I'll Preface with a Thank you for all your work and help. I just wanted to let you know I am running windows 10 on my computer and so far I can controll Pitch, Yaw, Staging, Throttling so it seems like there might have been some kind of update that helps with the compatibility of windows 10 (I could be an idiot it could have been your update) but I just wanted to let you know. I'm now starting to try and figure out how to display some spacecraft data, wish me luck ^.^ I have 1 fun little question as I was tinkering. do you think it's possible to design and build a controller
  13. @Freshmeat Thanks for the help before but I'm stuck again, I'm trying to run the demo16 code to get the green yellow and red lights to flicker on I am using an -Arduino Mega -KspSerialIO 0.18.7 -KSPv -KSPIOdemo16 -Windows 10 before I was using demo13 and I had a very slightly older KSPSerialIO (by like a version or 2) and when I loaded a craft I would get a quick flicker of the lights and then the green light would go on for a second but then nothing would happen when I launched my craft. Now I moved onto demo16 and updated to the latest Mod vers
  14. @Freshmeat and @stibbons Thank you for the help, you have given me enough information and direction for me to hopefully figure things out now. I'll definitely keep you guys posted we have the wooden beta version of the control panel pretty much figured out I can get some photos to show you guys once I figure out how to upload photos here if not we have a website (that needs updating) that we try and post statuses up there.
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