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  1. I have to say, i've not been encountering anything that game breaking since first seems perfectly playable and i'm happy to play along while they tidy up around us with the occasional update.
  2. make no mistake, there are still plenty of annoy gliches that can force you to restart the game. and i believe they havent yet fixed a vital Time Warp glitch. you but can get stuff done now....once thing i have noted is that the control of your kerbal when walking around on the surface is amazing compared to Flying Tigers version.
  3. Yeah, thank Jeb for that. Update: I was angry at squad, now, i'm not as angry at squad lol This first patch gave me some confidence that they are working towards a getting us a bug free game and 90 issues fixed is great. as such I have stopped having my hissy fit and have added a couple more bugs to the bug tracker. namely issues with EVA controls and flight suit trying to stabilise even once sas is turned off. and also the lack of zoom function once a manuver node is opened (in cursor mode anyway). Ive finally opened the game back up and and gently easing my way back into Science mode. Please please please don't stop working on patches for Enhanced Edition Squad. I BEG YOU!
  4. No one has noticed my post on Technical Forum so i will mention it here too. I have been speaking to people, some who have been experiencing game breaking bugs and some who don't know what all the fuss is about. Now I only spoke to 2 people who had no big issues with bugs and both of those people didnt have advanced tweakables on. when i asked them to turn on advanced tweakables they started getting bugs. This may be the stem of the issue. thoughts?
  5. No one has noticed my post so i will mention it here too. I have been speaking to people, some who have been experiencing game breaking bugs and some who don't know what all the fuss is about. Now I only spoke to 2 people who had no big issues with bugs and both of those people didnt have advanced tweakables on. when i asked them to turn on advanced tweakables they started getting bugs. This may be the stem of the issue. thoughts?
  6. Okay, So speaking to a few people on the facebook group (Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition (Console)). Some people have experienced very minor bugs on console (no game breaking bugs). We got into discussion, and these people hadn't turned on advanced tweakables. when i asked them to turn them on they both started experiencing game breaking bugs. I'm curious if there is anyone here experiencing major bugs with advanced tweakables turned off? If that is the base cause of most of the major issues it could: a) be an easy work around b) easy to patch possibly i'm going to try it out tonight but i would like other peoples input too...i promised myself i wouldn't go through all this again and start looking for work arounds and causes but here i am again. I'm such a mug
  7. Not played for a week after an annoying glitch halting progress where two wheels were being placed in the same place whether I wanted it to or not. And when I tried to fix it all the buttons stopped working. I got annoyed and put the game away. Today I start up the game ready to work around it’s flaws and go to open my saved craft. It’s not loading most of the stock craft or any of my saved builds and also low and behold non of the buttons on the load menu work apart from B to exit. think I’m just gonna turn it off for a long while...
  8. I can and have been playing it.. but generally the chit chat puts me off. (what people have been experiencing) and when i experience them first hand I just shut off and pay something else...i get 1-2 hours of gaming time a night example: I started a project the other day. made a rover and it was exploding when testing it on the runway. took it back to the hanger and discovered that 2 wheels were inside each other on one side of the rover (which i definitely did not place there) i tried to get rid of the phantom second wheel the controls stopped working all together.I could move the cursor but no buttons worked so i shut this point i saw it was getting late and i thought to myself do i want to go back in and try and replicate this problem try and find a work around and file a bug report before actually carrying on playing the game i wanted to play?...naw...ill just stick on something i can enjoy for the next 30 mins...I haven't played it since as i don't like my gaming interrupted by bugs on a regular basis. i'd rather play something i can rely on. Funnily enough im more likely to play the flying tiger version until we see a patch as I know the work around very well. Am I being lazy? maybe....if there was a quick bug report in the game then no problem....something happens you click 'reoprt bug' and it captures the last 30/60 seconds and there is a lil dialogue window to mention what submit....then yes i would definitely report bugs. The current system is convoluted, time consuming and in all honesty not designed for regular gamers to use.
  9. Thats another problem, it doesn't affect achievements at all! I debugged into orbit after playing with with the menu the day I got the game and got a kerbin Orbit now i'm not using it anymore as i dont want anymore ill gotten achievements..
  10. Both? Am i wrong in thinking that Squad Devs are receiving the bug reports, replicating them and sending them onto BW to fix? Is this part of the problem 2 different teams so one cant crack on without the other? should we be going straight to Blitsworks with bugs? Tomorrow we are two weeks since release and the only info we have is 'we have a list of bugs but can only fix stuff if the consumer pulls their finger out and provides a detailed report on the bugs' Squad Dev notes have a fantastic way or appearing transparent but remaining opaque about the situation. I know its a smaller team than AAA titles but just something along the lines of 'quite a few bugs, we've picked out the biggest game affecting ones and will get a quick patch out to you by next week and keep you up to date with following patches until weve got this right!' But i'm back to wondering do we start to have a fix in a few weeks or do we have a fix in 18 months? its seriously disheartening as i supported the game fully with the flying tiger port....provided work arounds for people and told people to have faith and that we will get the game we are owed....I was so excited when EE was released and I finally felt like my patience had been rewarded and now im back to where I was. checking the Kerbal Forums and Dev notes for news on when i can confidently play this game without the game breaking. im tired, im heartbroken and i feel like an idiot as ive been pushing the KSP:EE facebook group to people and persuading people to buy the game on release as it would be relatively bug free. BTW i'm also melodramatic. but that comes with having twin baby girls.
  11. The Dev notes don't seem too promising for a patch anytime soon. "In other news, we continue to compile all the feedback and reports we are getting regarding Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition. As these reports come in, the QA team tries to reproduce them, according to the description that the players provide. The successful reproduction of a bug allows us to identify a bug/issue with precision and consequently to work on solutions. This is why making reports properly is a great way to help us fix any bugs promptly and efficiently. " Andy to devs - 'so what have you been doing this week?' Devs - 'Well, getting ready for the launch of "Making History".... Andy - 'Whoa, Whoa I mean with regards to the console version you just launched for us non-pc players Devs - 'oh, well i mean...weve got a list of bugs, but really we cant fix these bugs until you fill out our bug report' Andy - '...couldnt YOU also play the game and note down the bugs?' Devs - 'oh no no ..."making history" is being released soon so were over there getting that done, no no if you want a working console version you are going to have to work for it' Andy - 'But we've already paid for it' Devs - 'yes, and we gave you a game' Andy - 'But it doesnt work' Devs - 'ahem, where on the xbox store does it say 'works fully'? it doesnt. Andy - 'so to summarise, since release of Enhanced Edition you have dusted ya hands off declared "job done" and are off working on the PC release?' Devs - 'yes but the bugs are being dealt with...i mean there a post-it note on my desk and everything!' Andy - 'When can we expect a patch?' Devs - 'yes...' Andy- 'What?' Devs - .... Andy - .... Devs - 'yes...yes you can expect a patch...'
  12. In the Flying Tiger version, I captured an asteroid put it in a 100km circular orbit and used it as a space/ refuelling station. Never had an issue saving after capture. i'm expecting to do this again with this version but now i'm worried I wont be able to.
  13. So after people complaining about game breaking bugs and save corruptions, I’m back to holding off my career mode until this is fixed and confirmed to be fixed. its disheartening to be honest, it really is, im in a ridiculous situation where i now have 2 buggy games in which I don’t trust the programming enough to launch myself into a full career mode for fear of losing progress. and I know developers are getting annoyed with people like me who are providing problems not solutions, but that’s really not our job. They are paid to test,, test and test again. But we are expected to pay for the game to test test and test again and then provide them with a detailed report including attempts to work around it. your argument could be that as I owned the game before I should be grateful to have this version for free and not complain but if you go into a tv shop and pay full price for a tv which only shows half the picture, and they say ‘sorry keep that broken one and you can have this one for free’ and you take it home and it also only shows half the picture. You are still gonna feel cheated. and after 2016’s ‘bug fixing patch’ that really did nothing. I’ve decided not to get my hopes up and will be happy to be called out as a moany git if this does get sorted.
  14. It says Squad Staff under his name so hes got something to do with it...its not on to be told, if we dont like it go play elsewhere until its fixed when they have been holding our money since 2016 while we wait for a game we paid for.