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  1. So I played KSP today after a long break: - Music randomly starting to play bug - not fixed for like how many versions now? - New feature "Delete all messages" offers me "Do not show this again" - doesn't work. - Game crashes after a while. This was literally my first crash of this game ever. You are getting sloppy with the QA lately...
  2. Staging is fine. I just wanted to rule out builds that have a dedicated low-mass landers on the Mun.
  3. Found it: http://imgur.com/a/WPtuk To Minmus and back for 3762 MU. His rocket won't work for the this challenge as he used EVA to land on Minmus, but it might spark some ideas.
  4. Not sure why this is a challenge, since this is about how you usually fly to the Mun if you play in career mode. But then let's see what crazy ideas people might come up with. Like the guy who landed on Minmus with nothing but a single rocket and a Sepatron.
  5. This. Circularizing by hand means fiddling around with the annoying maneuver tools you have in stock game just to end up with about what you want to have. With MechJeb that's one click. And if you want to fly by yourself or use MJ for that is still up to you.
  6. It really depends on what you have and what you want to do. I for example wanted to grab all science you can get from Minmus, so I had the option to build a gigantic science lander that hops over Minmus without really having the required tech for such a huge ship and I would have to do a blind guess on how much dV might be needed. And that thing needs a lot of dV just to transport the dV it needs on top of all the science equipment and landing stuff. In the end I made three ships: The science ship itself, which had the basic equipment necessary to do all science and about 2k dV in
  7. That lack of tutorial is another issue. I still don't really know when which numbers apply on the relay net, simply because the very first antenna already has 100% Kerbin SOI coverage so there is nothing to worry about. And then suddenly all my plans to have a Kerbol relay failed, because 150Gm on L3 obviously doesn't mean the communication's range for relays. Lots of things to polish here. ^^
  8. Possible (I've seen the video, really fun!) but would disqualify as the landing pod is missing, also would give the minimum amount of points, as there is no way to have less mass when landing a Kerbal than if you land only the Kerbal itself.
  9. This mod sounds like it was made to be used together with Kerbal R&D mod: get parts through contracts, improve them with science points. I am really excited to try that combination in a career game. =)
  10. Just wanted to say "Thank you!" for this mod! It sounds simple, but it opens up a completely new way of playing the game, that is not only fun but long-term entertaining. Suddenly gathering science past Kerbin SOI becomes relevant, because you can still upgrade that parts. Also parts that were near useless in stock end-game can now be upgraded to provide interesting build alternatives.
  11. We remember: F = m*a, since a is constant (gravity) in free-fall, the impact force is tied solely to the mass of the vehicle. Or in other words: the higher the mass of the vehicle, the more difficult it becomes to land it in free-fall.
  12. The name and title are perfectly fitting this challenge. XD
  13. That is a game design term. It means that players are guided towards a certain goal, and in this case to solve flying around without having a relay net. The consequence is that players afterwards realize that the relay net is basically useless, because it is so easy to circumvent. Now the next time the player is playing he/she will not say "Hey let's try it with a relay net this time" because it has been memorized as useless (at the time it was available). It should however be memorized as an alternate way to play the game, which can be done i.E. by making it available earlier, causing the pla
  14. Just came up with this idea when reading the "Why I will not go to space today" thread: what if I completely forgot any landing plans? Let's make that a challenge. The idea: to the Mun and back with free-fall landing. That is: no parachutes, no burning to slow down, just a happy Kerbal doing free fall and crashing into the ground with happy explosions. Is this even possible? Yes it is. All parts absorb a certain impact force when crash-landing till either the impact force is completely absorbed or the vehicle is. Here is a small demonstration that it is very possible when using i.E.
  15. Having milestones would feel stupid to this game. "I'd like a better jet engine please." "Sorry no idea how to do that." "We've been to the mun!" "Great! I just had an idea that we could build a better jet engine." Yeah.... I am not saying that the science system currently is well done or even balanced, but probably that is not even the purpose of the system. As I see it the science system is just there to restrict you on the parts you have available, because otherwise you would never build low-tech rockets, and then it keeps you motivated to go on. And it does a good job on that. No
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