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  1. When I go the the atmosphere with the orion mpcv the capsule overheats and explodes. btw I do have the heat shield on. (I'm using stock)
  2. I am using the mod Real KSC but when ever I spawn at the LC41 launch site my rocket is spawned upside down. Is there a way to edit the direction of spawn? -Thanks
  3. You mean remove everything from gamedata (including squad). Start ksp make new save and then delete staticsics? Done and done thanks
  4. Will this work for Rss/Ro? If not when will it? And Finally can this be used with stock sized Rss? -thanks this mod is awsome
  5. oh sorry I though you meant that The next us probes pack would have the fix not Ro thanks a lot.
  6. Acually the prob it's self has an antenna in relisum overhaul example: Voyager omni rage 500km/500Mm dish rang 1000Gm
  7. the Is it the prob config for that prob or remote tech config? Btw I have Ro/rss installed so I can't use the cfg you guys provide.
  8. There is a bug in The mod us probes and remotetech on some of the probes the antennas have a dynamic pressure limit that is set very low. As a result the antenna snaps creating an invisible part that caues clipping bugs and other problems. I don't want to uninstall remote tech as my rockets all have the antennas integrated with them as well as us probs. can someone help plz??!
  9. Some of my probex (including voyager) have antennas that snap under high dynamic pressure. But for some reason this pressure limit is very low causing the antenna to snap creating an invisible part that glitches out the rocket. I don't want to remove remote tech or us probes is there a fix or a way to turn this off?
  10. UPDATE: Tried everything can't find solution plz help
  11. cool I have a problem where once I reach around 1000m in rss/ro regardless of the rocket prob or launch site I lose connection to all parts of the rocket, the resources say 0/0 or everything, and once my stage burns out I still have acceleration of about 1m/s/s. I have a lot of mods installed so I don't know what is happening or why. Plz help.
  12. The instructions say to place the "Real KSC" folder in game data yet when I download I get a folder called "TWRLS".
  13. can you provide detailed install instructions with the download I have been confused on hot o get this thing to work
  14. How do I get the space x pack to work with real fuels and Relisum overhaul? It still has liquid fuel and is burned off instantly. Thanks.