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  1. As i now know that usb-joy encoders exist ;-), i would never ever use the SerialIO for Keys/switches as inputs ... only for display. also reached out for a 3d-printer. awesome... btw: does the mod work for 1.10 ? the party goes on. most of my 81 mods useless
  2. the bare minimum works well on new PC; Win10; V 1.9.1; COM3. BUT the mod doesn´t appear in the miniAVC-window or i´m too dumb in readin´ ;-) btw. the KSP starts in notime with 81 ! mods - or was it a failure to install on SSD ´cause of the Unity-Cache write-process ? - great job, finding the issue with the COMports after all this years!
  3. Hey Zitronen, my controller with fastleds / LCD / slider-pot is now working on IO Vers. 0.19.1 and a reset-up from code base 0.17. I altered the RX buffer to 256 and Serial rate to 115200 as i had a connection problem. but on my arduino i had to write-unlock the hardware.h in the core section, because there was no .h file in the preferences folder.
  4. tnx. wow; for multiplexing i didn´t expect an 328 on there ... this one is pre-burned with an RX-Receiver? or do you need to burn initial code on it? the sparkfun doc only says another uno or something serial device has to communicate. thats really simple; wire.write them... can you send me via PN some code snippets from your setup to study the code ?
  5. which library and chipset (max7219 ?) do you use for the 7segments? if so, basicly i can do it with an 8x8 matrix displays.
  6. thanx for the tipps again; Did they altered something in KSP 1.7, the old code does not "understand" in the serials section? the other Versions worked well. should i try an external power supply for a 20x4 i2C lcd / a short 2812 strip on 15% brightness; (switches doesn´t matter) ? using UNO old 328 p and r3; no difference.
  7. i´ll let ya know. edit: the 019-1 / V017 code bare minimum works stable. only traps were 1. com port (com02; win7 manual adjustment) 2. throttle (comment out the cpacket.throttle part). At 3000ms buffer the science! mod made a dropout; the game froze some time, but booted up well.
  8. helluu again... on KSP 1.7 (1) 64bit W7 , the Serial V14 with codebase 0.18.4a seems broken. The controls are booting, then stop at the vessel and went offline. bye bye old IOs... sorry Zitronen for that first pitty message...
  9. as far as i can see, my 80 mods are functioning. Only once again for my savestate the Wolfshound engine had to be placed back in "heavyRocketry" (file is in the SquadExpansions Folder). And i still haven´t made it to Duna. I didn´t remember when my probe was on Eve. long ago. on the 0.90 s Version or so.
  10. I deinstalled and erased all from the Steam 1.5.x ; before i did a backup of the 80 mods and got it over the fresh 1.6. In Career all the mods worked fine; BUT some Errors appear: - Wolfshound Engine is changed to veryHeavyRocketry -> copy or edit the cfg files SquadExpansion\making history - entry to a lower techLevel and redo the 2.5 tons weight) - on some Ships it comments: no connectedLivingSpace etc. and docking hatch missing - But the ships will be startable. - in the R&D the thumbs on the right screen say : own but with a placeholder symbol.
  11. ahhh.. indeed, the soundfiles are in the mod_folder; same as the speech-packs. I decoded some randomly -> works. I didn´t already know that the speeches in Chatterer are seperated as NASA and russian_like. maybe reversed and filtered i think. ;-)
  12. tnx for reply. In my oppinion Duna SSTV on the white hill was some versions ago reimplemented, after it stuck in ground. PS: maybe the chatterer _ mod is responsible for the random signal-pictures. but I am still worried about the fact, that almost no one (also the famous youtubers on easter-egg hunting) cares about the audio-signal on every science transmission. ;-)
  13. Hello There, since i didn´t found anything or very rare (here and elsewhere) media about more SSTV eastereggs i would like to ask, if someone recorded and decoded the science signals too. There will be various pictures transmitted via SSTV. very scary. PS: i did it just for fun. (MMSSTV). unfortunatly i have only my profile pic to show ... but it works.
  14. btw. my Board runs well at KSP V1.5.1 / Serial IO V1.4 / Arduino V18.4 (? i have the *.ino-base with just 54 attributes to TargetdV) / Win7 PS: Dez. 2018 -> KSP V 1.6.0 works well.
  15. (As i am a C-coder / Arduino noob -> correct me anyone if totaly wrong in the helpings). 1. Win 10... you have a USB problem. and don´t use pin 0 / 1 and keep A4/A5 free for SerialComms / I2C (LCD) 2. the number of the Data or action groups is a simple structure or byte array expession for object definitions as i understood for myself. not to be confused with the pinouts of an arduino or an #define substitute. you have to understand that the RCSpin, RCS, and the RCSLed (example)-defines are totally different things. 3. as a little help: at the top: #define CG1PIN 10 // the digital number of the pinout #define YLED 13 // YLED is called "13". and the other needed stuff. in setup: pinMode(CG1PIN, INPUT_PULLUP); // for example this switch - define that as input pullup with no resistors - important! pinMode(YLED ,OUTPUT); // pin physically on Pin 13 out. // but the slider don´t need an input def ? (why?) it´s analog? in subroutine // put in input/output section if (digitalRead(CG1PIN)){ //--------- This is how you do control groups // liest CG1PIN aus reads that pin MainControls(STAGE, HIGH); digitalWrite(YLED,HIGH); // you see below YLED is 13 and high / on } // wenn Status high dann führe staging aus - switch kann high gelassen werden; besser wäre ein Pushbutton /if high than ... else { MainControls(STAGE, LOW); digitalWrite(YLED, LOW); } // sonst low else low only an example. because the showing of a StageLED is not usefull. could do this with RCS SAS and the ActionGroups 0-10. as long as you have pins. You can also display the stuff in an LCD / 7seg or LEDs or whatever you want. Only Problem is to cope with the ComputersKeys; if you have the switch on and type the SAS off, the switch is on and the LED off ;-) firstly take the minimal config with the leds. then decide which you don´t need any more. for myself i don´t need any hardware pins for leds, because i use a digital LEDstripe (FAstLED). its only software. i realized at a certain point that i had a switch on pin10 and an LED on 10- that didn´t work (properly). i spared 3-4 pins. 4. the rest for the 20x4 is sent you in a pmessage. 5. the slider / pot you have strictly to define with YOUR min-max values and ranges. see my posts below. and put a resistor to the ground (debounce, because the values are go random crazy). with the super contrain/map function i had driven sucessfully a little 1 Volts analog display. 6. and don´t put any delay() function in code! in loop main is only input() and output(). nothing else for timing issues. ;-) PS: i forgot: the Throttle starting Value could be set to 0 or whatever in the settingsMenus