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  1. Thanks for the tips everyone, yeah, I assumed it was on my end. I had various science equipment squished into a bay I put on all ships. With the bay removed, my craft no longer fullfil their desire to be a fidget spinner.
  2. I may be a noob, (only a few hundred hours, and have only gotten to the Mun, Minmus, and Duna) but I keep getting this strange thing in all my rockets where they decide to start rotating on their own when I disable SAS while in space, (out of the atmosphere of any planet) and then they just build up momentum in a matter of 60 seconds until they're spinning like a fidget spinner. Any idea why? I am missing something very obvious about space travel? Am I have a stupid? Like when someone says there's no gravity in space when someone's in orbit? I feel like I'm having a stupid.
  3. Yeah that's my guess to get around the bug. I'll just need enough fuel to maintain a verticle descent at around 5-50m/s to avoid getting "grabbed" by the atmosphere. Must be a messed up number somewhere in this build, so that instead of providing drag, Duna's atmosphere actually does the opposite, lol! I'm glad to hear they're working with a new company to rebuild the port. I could sorely use that wheel upgrade that's in 1.2!
  4. After looking it up, I guess my game is so messed up because I'm playing on some like year old outdated build that was badly ported to Xbox from Flying Tiger, that the KSP devs apparently aren't working with anymore. (I wonder why, haha.) At least I apparently avoided a really game-breaking bug that was erasing literally everyone's progress for a few months in the beginning. I guess no one plays this version of the game. (Looking at the achievements list for every player who has ever played KSP on Xbox, 99% of the achievements say "0.02% of players have gotten this achievement." Even the very first thing you do in the game, (launch anything from KSC) only shows 40% of players getting it. Looks like most didn't even make it onto the runway/launchpad! A real shame, since there's nothing like this on console, and it's such a fun game. (besides all of the lag) I wonder if we'll ever get another update? The last one was in like October or September, apparently, and it only fixed the save issues for some people, and addressed nothing else. Edit: Apparently 0% of players have gotten the fly by of Kerbin achievment. That one must be bugged.
  5. Well, I figured it was pretty straight forward. I'm a noob, and was wanting to know how people who know how to play the game land on Duna with that seemingly impossible to get through atmosphere. How do YOU manage that? Like I said in the OP, even while tip-toeing straight down, (verticle, no tragectory or anything, just literally straight down towards the planet from like 100,000km up) at 100m/s or less, once I hit that atmosphere, I get sucked straight into the planet at 3,000m/s like it's a vaccum and I'm some hairball. What's that stuff made from anyway? Do people just bring a lot more rocket power? Is there anyway to set a parachute to deploy from above 5,000m?
  6. As the title says. No matter what I seem to do, even if I approach the planet vertically at 100m/s, the very moment I hit around 10-25,000km, I'm rocketed to 3,000m/s by the re-entry effects. How do you get around this? More rockets? I don't get low enough for parachutes, as I go from 25,000km, to straight into the ground almost instantly when I hit that atmoshpere...
  7. Huh, guess I'm lucky, never lost my save; didn't know I could[/i] lose my save.
  8. Thank you for the information, MiniMatt! I wasn't aware that you could take and store multiple experiments using a scientist! I was just going by the assumtion that I could only have one stored, like a crew report/EVA report. Thanks for the advice!
  9. Hi, sorry for asking here, but I've been looking all over the Internet, and I can't seem to find definitive proof one way or another. Everyone says they do, (even in-game) but I saw one snippet in the wiki that said as of 1.1 they do not provide a bonus to science gained from using recovering a vessel with data on it. (like a science jr with high orbit science data on it) I tried searching for answers in Google within the last month and week, but I wasn't getting a straight answer. I'm going to finally head to the Mun for the first time, and need to know whether I should bring a scientist or not. Don't want to waste a whole bunch of science! It's already hard enough to get science as it is... Can't even get a rover or lander for the Mun landing without like 500 science! I've only gotten like 100 total so far after like 30 hours and two restarts on my career!