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  1. Same issue, makes the game unplayable beyond Mun and Minmus trips. Who has the time to perform a 30 minute to hour long burn in real time?
  2. So how exactly do I activate the debug menu, step by step on Xbox? The konami code does nothing, no matter where I enter it.
  3. I noticed this same problem. Happens when anything at all is near a place that a Kerbal can enter. Trying to gather temperature readings, or goo data? The crew transfer window pops up...
  4. Okay, I'm going to file a bug report now, on the 5th time encountering the no save bug, I lost my save data again. I was on year two, day 56, and my only save is now from Year 1, day 97. That was a very long time ago, probably like 10-15 hours.
  5. I still don't know the cause, but this is the 4th time being unable to save. This time, it happened while inside the tracking station. So my only option is to dashboard, as there is no option to load save in the tracking station. I'm pretty impressed by the performance, though it takes loading a save to get the best out of it. (What I mean, is that a hundred piece rocket will run at 10FPS, and your game will stay like that, even when only the 40 piece lander is left, but if you load the game, you get back to 25FPS.) I've got a Minmus research base, like 40 parts or so, and I'm getting 25-30FPS. 12 solar panels, 12 landing gear, (It's a huge platform) hitchhikers, processing labs, numerous science devices, mutliple relays/attenae, 7 Kerbals, etc. Running smoothly. The old KSP version could barely handle my basic 3 solar panel research tower with one research item of each time. (1 thermometer, 1 goo canister, etc.) that was like 10 parts. Even ditched the rocket to save on FPS in old Kerbal. This station has 4,000 units of fuel, even. (Mission asked for that. I just wish it had a docking port, lol. I left on the mission before I unlocked docking ports. (They're like 300 science for the standard size, way down the line, and I prefer those over the jr. size you get right away.)
  6. In terms of performance, this version is vastly superior, but in terms of controls, well. If a KSP veteran is finding themselves fumbling around not even being able to align parts during the building phase, I can only image how someone new to the series will fair. The game itself is quite fun, but I'm having huge amounts of frustration derive from the controls, or lack thereof. (like previous control methods not present in the new version) Sure, some of it is probably on me, (like not being able to figure out how to physics warp, as I image that has to be in the game, as time warp is) but the rest is purly the controls fighting me at every turn.
  7. Overall, I'm finding I prefered the previous incarnation of KSP for controls. I can't even use the cursor to adjust parts, it can only be done with the thumbsticks. Finding lots of trouble doing basic tasks, like placing parts, and flying the craft, that I had not problem doing in the previous version.
  8. Also, also, how do I get things to align with the move tool? In the old version of KSP, any items you selected and moved with the move tool, would snap to a set grid. Now, when items are moved in move mode, they still snap, but the grid they snapped to, is based on where you initially placed item, making it all but impossible to allign different items. (I.e. it's very difficult to make a rover, as the seperate wheels are all on varying heights/widths.)
  9. I'll' file a bug report when I have more info on this, but I've encountered the menu locking up, not allowing me to save problem again. I had just finished landing on Kerbin, after heading to the Mun to retrieve Jeb from a previous mission. (fuel tanks destroyed by the trim issue) When I went to recover the vessel, I was unable to. The "A" button didn't do anything. "A" would not work for anything that involved the game saving. Quicksave, quit to menu, recover, space center, tracking station, etc. I was forced to either load a quicksave, or exit to dashboard, potentially loosing data. Well, I mean I did loose progress, but I lost my entire save yesterday when this happened for the first time and I exited to dashboard. No idea what is causing this issue. I tried EVAing, getting to land, floating in water, switching vessels, (As in, go from kerbal to ship, since I couldn't access the tracking station.) etc. I eventually gave up, and am re-getting Jeb again. This time, I have a huge base of like 20m for my lander, to avoid the trim issue, lol. Also can someone please tell me how to physics warp? I can only find the time warp options, which means no acclerating the game while preforming a manouver. Sitting through 5-20 minute burns in real-time is not fun, lol.
  10. Okay, so I found a huge design oversight. It's making it very difficult to play the game. Is there anyway to disable the trim command? (As in permently. Not LB+Left stick) Trim is hold LB, but you know what else is hold LB? Map and throttle controls. So know what happens evvery time you try to manouver? You set trim, causing your ship to fly wildly out of control. I need a way to disable trim, or set throttle controls and map to not be LB. Press LB to adjust your speed while landing, will set trim. You can't change position and throttle at the same time, or ship spirals off because it was just set to max yaw or something. It's quite annoying. Been save scuming for an hour, trying to land a craft on the moon.
  11. Ooooooohhhhhm okay. I see now. Still figuring out the new controls. I'm guessing it was trim, (used to LB+Click for things in the flying tiger release) and not part clipping. Do you by chance know how to physics warp while in flight? Attempting to use time warp doesn't work while a craft is in motion, i.e. performing a manouver. (I get a message saying time cannot be warped while a craft is accelerating) I'm guessing time warp, and physics warp, are two different button combos. Also, I don't know what caused the save issue. I was trying to figure out why my crafts were spinning wildly, when I tried to press start, to bring up the menu, and return to the tracking center. When I pressed "A" on any selection that wasn't resume, nothing happened. Which meant I could not save via the menu, or exit the game without dashboarding. (Haven't tried using a keyboard, yet, I hear there's limited support, so not sure if the quicksave shortcut works on a keyboard.)
  12. And now I'm unable to save the game. Seems there's lots of bugs with this new port. And when I quit, and rebooted my game, all my previous saves are now gone... I thought the point of waiting all this time was to fix saves getting deleted?
  13. I'm having the problem, of everything I build, having "phantom forces." Turn off SAS, and they spin wildly, even after seperating most parts with the fine tuning thing, so nothing is touching eachother.
  14. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to time warp while moving. It's gets very dull trying to sit through a 20 plus minute burn when you're not allowed to time warp above 1x "while the craft is accelerating."