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  1. Clickety click click! Should I worry about moderators? Not here!
  2. Got it. Username Brent Kerman. Please use text when possible, I usually have other people around.
  3. That is the reason I didn't. I will say though, that Valentina is #1 in ability, Lisa #1 in cuteness.
  4. I will look into getting it, as I usually use IRC and/or Gmail.
  5. I could quite possibly help, I speak English, have a good mic, and can send MP3's.
  6. "Emiko may be photographic... but lens a little cracked" That is a good one!
  7. I just caught up on this, and am really excited for the next panels. I don't agree with Kenlie on the 'unreliable narrator' concept, but at least we will know for sure what is going on. But at this point, I'm expecting a downer ending, or at best, a bittersweet ending, because it seems that we are about to have a case of the bad guys win. I'm afraid we may be at the point of only the author can save them. Here's hoping for a crowning moment of awesome!
  8. Yes, I'm in 1.3, and it works.
  9. Parachutes are from vanguard. Yes, I have kerbinside.
  10. Today I had Kirrim Kerman explore the KSC. Imgur album:
  11. They flew a used booster once before, CRS 11 if I remember correctly.
  12. -80-
  13. In MY opinion, Jim passed you, going opposite directions. (I like science fiction, not weird-fantasy fiction.) I'm over on the IRC now, trying to figure out how it works.
  14. I'd put you in the top five: 1. @Kuzzter (Kerbfleet) 2. @KSK (First Flight) 3. @adsii1970 (Kerny Kerman's Journal) 4. @CatastrophicFailure (Ussari Space Program & The Kraken Trilogy) 5. @TotallyNotHuman_ (This!) 6. @Just Jim (The Saga of Emiko Station) 7. @Cydonian Monk (Forgotten Space Program) In my honest opinion, you just passed Jim, or more accurately, he passed you.