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  1. Well i do understand that balancing act but when im creating a spacecraft which has for example 120 different sorts of capaccitors or 12 reactors ( *COUGH* or both) then it becomes very annoying to handle all 120 capacitors/12reactors by hand (especially if you are into efficiency/as much options as possible and mentally ill at the same time ) i mean i could use "only" stock batteries, solar panels, stock fuel cells, alkaline fuel cells and leave reactors and capacitors where they are and not use every possible method to achieve energy but then again Now i do heard a thing or two about smart parts but im afraid of (in order to create a proper setup) having to stick dozens of extra parts which have different functions to a craft that already has about ~1-1.5k parts instead of getting my hands on something as simple as a script that i may be able to configure by myself then again im relatively new to scripting/mods like kos,smart parts and similar so maybe one or some of these might be the key of mine who knows? Btw thanks for the hint im probably gonna take a proper look on smart parts one day
  2. Alright i just tested the fuel cells (and several other parts while at it) and learned that it works just as i hoped for stock fuel cells, universal storage (alkaline) fuel cells and stock converters act like this which is great now i only need to worry about nfe reactors and capacitors because the reactors dont seem to have a "resource preservation" factor but i most likely already got a solution for that Ty for your patience and insights about ksp logic and also thank you for this small yet lovely little mid which lets my ocd heart shine
  3. Nothing wrong with being bussy dear friend im sry if this sounds silly but i never got a real clue about resource processing behavior TL;DR: i hope this is done right [snip] i try to minimize the amount of wall in text but as you probably already noticed im horrible at it ty for your attention and patience i do appreciate it
  4. Does the fuel cell only activate after reaching a set percentage of ecs and stays on from then or does it regulate the fuel cells in a way that they activate when ecs<set amount and automatically deactivate when ecs>set amount? If this is the case then i need to know if its compatible with the current version/ would need constant updating because if everything goes right i might have found the solution to manage a abomination cluttered with fuel cells,reactors,solar panels,etc. and that would be awesome because tons of features are awesome and being able to handle tons of features without loosing my mind is awesome too apart from that thank you for your work and effort i rly appreciate it