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  1. Over the weekend I finally had some time to sit down and try again to play some KSP. My happiness quickly turned to frustration the straight anger as my game crashed FOUR times within a two hour period. These were not due to power loss, surge, or any other reason that my console could've caused this, it's the game..... I also noticed that while playing in one save file ALL and I mean all stars and many textures were just simply gone. Game crashes and I restart the same save and is all there in full display however this time my button commands don't work... game crashes again. I know I'm not the only one encountering issues and I REALLY hoe both Squad and Flying Tiger step up for everyone who bought this very disappointing release. I can only hope the patch they refer to is coming soon, this is just getting ridiculous now.
  2. I must have changed that instead of the cursor speed. That was the exact cause of this and now my Kerbal's have resumed their Otessa project. Kind of annoying that such a small change could durable the entire game basically but glad the solution is simple. Thnks DaCana
  3. Today I turned on my xbox to play and from the start menu when I press A the game hesitates and then the game doesn't freeze but the A button no longer works properly, I have to tap repeatedly to advance to next menu.. After launch clicking the left joystick brought up the cursor, not today. The game glitched as if it were being run by a VERY underpowered processor. Nearly all button commands failed. I have deleted and reinstalled the game twice hoping that would resolve the issue to no avail. Version is as of this post. Any help resolving this would be great as my game is now unplayable
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