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  1. Nothing like writing your own scripts Try looking at the examples in the GitHub repository. Better still, write an ascent script and reverse it.
  2. Sorry Steven, What was the format of the DDS images again... Saw it somewhere but cannot find it again. Thanks/
  3. Got a little time to waste so back to automatic station building. Just using stock with a few mods as I'm using a weak laptop - so a simplified control system (no PID). Off with the first rocket. Recorded at 2 fps, replay at 60fps (I think) https://youtu.be/DnlGIPJBUAI
  4. [LOG 20:08:48.032] Loading data opt-out preferences from PlayerPrefs [LOG 20:08:48.083] Requesting data opt-out preferences from https://data-optout-service.uca.cloud.unity3d.com/player/opt_out?appid='blanked out'&userid='blanked out'&deviceid='blanked out' And why are we doing this ??
  5. Only reference (so far) to SpaceX parts I could find is the Merlin1_Config.cfg from RO Version https://github.com/KSP-RO/RealismOverhaul/releases/download/v11.5.1/RealismOverhaul-v11.5.1.zip // ================================================== // Merlin 1 series global engine configuration (all versions). // Gross Mass: 760 Kg (baseline Merlin 1 variant) // Throttle Range: 39% to 100% (throttleable variants) // O/F Ratio: ~2.17 (differs between versions) // Burn Time: ~170 s (ASL variants), ~400 s (VAC variants) // Sources: // [1] http://spaceflight101.com/spacero
  6. Mr Mading:- Any chance of a Cubed Root function (or n'th root). I'll try an exponent X^(1/3), but not sure on how the speed compares between the two.
  7. I know, just speculating the use of 'runmode = 4' which is outside 'Physics' mode parameters, offering options of ellimination. OP was providing minimal info.
  8. What is runmode linked to.. or where is runmode applied. You might have not set time acceleration correctly ? Set kuniverse:timewarp:mode to "PHYSICS". Set kuniverse:timewarp:warp to 3. If you don't set 'Physics' mode, AFAIK you have no control.
  9. It's a well know problem, that's got to do with KSP itself. You have to use the Stage command to keep on steering
  10. Here's an improved version. Pushing first stage of My_ISS to 400Km, polar orbit. LAN and Inclination within 0.02 ish. Uses holman transfers for burntime calcs. Kos400 (approx 9 Minutes at 4x speed) I only attend to the code every so often, so have no interest in cleaning it up at the moment. got to much else to do // For K3 Rocket - The first stage of My_ISS //=========================================== @lazyglobal off. //****************************************************************************** // SHIP PARTS //**************************
  11. Decided to do a check.. afraid it is embedded in code. Most likely in setting the background window colour in some API I changed those three images to just blank colours.. one can still see the window border is still grey ? While the three colours are seen in the screen active area
  12. SteveM: KOs doesn't seem to like a transparent terminal background pic for some reason and still produces the shade. Rocket details: Both LHLOX engines RD-0120s from the Russian Engines pack LR87s for upper stage use.. RD-0120s are too powerful and would pancake everything in the payload The payload is SSTUs habitat with it's own engines and goodies. I had to factor a Cos(30) into the burntime calcs as these engines point outwards.
  13. ..Playing around and too lazy to edit it out.. for sake of continuity. Recorded video at 6 fps and accelerated (compressed) final result to 24 fps.. so yes.. whooooooooosh I've just blanked the terminal background images, as I would like to get only a green text overlay. KOS seems to have the grey background embedded in code, so cannot get rid of it. I'll look at KOSs dialog boxes next.
  14. KOS automatic launch to orbit with burntime calculation - not bad ... within 4Km of Eccentricity = 0. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1VB07B4hrg&feature=youtu.be I'll try next with pure vectors and calcs.
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