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  1. This is a planet pack derived from my old cancelled planet pack which if you want to you can take the ideas from it a make your project. Now im not good at making textures or hieght maps but i know how to do the rest of the stuff so help and suggestion are welcome.
  2. I going to try to get this mod pack on ksp 1.2.2 but it's going to take a while since I haven't played the game in forever
  3. okay im back and this is now four little planet packs
  4. Can you make planets with out having the make textures because textures for all 134 planets would kill the mod.
  5. Thats it I thought of it how about that planet nine like planet can help me in devopment by the way it works because it seems my computer can handle way more rocky planets than gas giant's so yay and all planets will be added by twelve for me.
  6. Isn't Dres a Ceres analoge I mean I like Ceres but what will Dres be? But hey two Ceres's is cool.
  7. Aright I'm currenty working on a planet nine like planet that's like a gas gaint the you can land on. As you may guess it is just a rocky planet with a huge atmosphere. When I'm done I work on basic texture and height maps so the planets get there only terrain.
  8. Does anyone know how to make good textures and I'm working on an early download thing so people can see my progress and see if they could help. Aslo since I can't make good textures so I was bored so I just started coding planets and decided to make Kerbal Duluxe:Interstellar. so yeah Both packs just need textures so I can make biomees and complete custom sceince defs and release both of them.
  9. I know but there's probally around 100 bodies in this pack and I'm think it's way the much so I might just keep a few and release them as pack and I just count the number of planets and it is around 100
  10. I'm going to qiut working on this mod because I can't make anymore progress. But hey planet making is just not my thing.
  11. The planets have been added and I don't know what to do next and the planets don't have textures since I... Well, suck at making textues so If anyone could help with textures I would love that.
  12. Alright sorry for not tell you what the new planets are I just have been so busy lately I can't work on this mod
  13. The new planets are added and I'll talk about them later
  14. this mod might be cancelled because of 1.2 and devolpment will resume tomorrow. Also in need help in the texture department.
  15. Alright sorry for a long development break but I'm adding a few new planets and development will resume soon
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