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  1. Does it work with KSP 1.2.2 ? Could not find info on the 1st post. Also does it work well with RO?
  2. Confused on how angle snap works. If one of the ports is the stock port and the other is the port from this mod, then will angle snap work? Or will docking work in the first place? Its not docking for me. Also, the specified angle is with respect to what? If both "control from here port" and "target port" has angles specified, which angle will it use?
  3. Is there a way with stock 2.5 Meter docking ports where I can dock only at a specific angle?
  4. Will be in CKAN by tomorrow? Waiting from yesterday .
  5. @JadeOfMaar Currently MKS is not available in CKAN. Will be by tomorrow. Will try then.
  6. Any Mod for inflatable ring habitat for ksp 1.2.2?
  7. Any mods with parts to create a rotating ring / habitat in a space station for KSP 1.2.2? I can't find any for 1.2.2.
  8. Ok. Will wait for CKAN. Its easy to remove and update mods from CKAN.
  9. Why is this not available in CKAN suddenly for 1.2.2?
  10. Will this work with KSP 1.2.2? Are space shuttle parts like the liquid tank and boosters available?
  11. Is this mod with its dependent mods, scaled down for Kerbin sized planet or is it as big as the real one?
  12. Bit confused. How is this different from "Space Shuttle Systems" mod?
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