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  1. cgjunk2

    Kerbal Space Program 1.4.2 is live!

    In addition to the bugs you've observed in your post, the one quoted above is the one that is really bothering me. I cannot launch any sort of rover, or lander with legs, because when they are deployed, they end up "sprung" as if they were trying to hold up the weight of the entire launching stack. I noticed this on 1.4.1, and was hoping this update would have fixed it. For now, I reverted to 1.4.0 just because of this reason.
  2. cgjunk2

    Phantom acceleration?

    I noticed what appeared to be phantom forces on the ground. I had some of the basic fins clipped into the bottom of a large service bay on a lander. Below the service bay was a decoupler, and the fins clipped into this slightly as well. When landed, I noticed jittering on the decoupler, and the whole lander moved laterally on the ground in tiny little spurts. This is on a stock 1,4,1 install, no mods.
  3. cgjunk2

    Rovemax Model S2 "Hovering" ?

    I noticed the same thing, mine looks just like that.
  4. cgjunk2

    landing gear causes bounces

    I'm not sure if I'm having a related problem, but I've been having problems with 1.4.1 update on my mod-free install. When 1.4.0 was released, I built a big, but simple 3 stage stack (new build, not a previously saved vessel) with a lander that had a service bay in use as a small rover garage. The idea was to land, and then deploy the rover by driving it off the service bay onto the surface. Ever since 1.4.1, however, I'm having problems. After launching and landing the lander, the medium size landing legs on the lander no longer have any spring/damping. They are locked stiff-legged and don't absorb any impact or settle under weight. The small rover wheels are also locked stiff, which causes bouncing/flipping when driving over anything not perfectly flat. I tried launching it to the mun, and the locked-up suspension happens just like it does on Kerbin. What's interesting is that if I separate just the lander section (without the rest of the stack), and spawn it on the launch pad it by itself, then the suspension on the lander, and rover work perfectly fine. All of the default rovers and airplane have working suspension from what I've noticed. The problem only comes up on my lander and rover combo, after it has been launched on the complete stack. I tried rebuilding the 1st and 2nd stages, and the rover in 1.4.1 with no joy. Have not tried a clean sheet rebuild yet, because the upper stage was pretty fiddly. But that will be next I suppose. Excuse my ignorance, but does this count as a bug report? Or is there another place to do that? Sorry, don't follow along on the forums very frequently.
  5. cgjunk2

    [1.5.1+] Hullcam VDS Continued

    That's something I've also noted as well. No range information displayed in the docking view in most situations. I did get it on one occasion, but not sure why. Maybe because it was with two low part count ship (most of the time I use the dock camera it's on high part count stations/ships). On the other hand, maybe I'm doing wrong, is there a button that needs to be pressed to pull up the range info in the camera display?
  6. cgjunk2

    [1.5.1+] Hullcam VDS Continued

    Yes, I have been able to use the first person view with no problems on a a command chair. I have a few little space scooters with command chairs that I have made that are fun to fly around in looking out from inside the helmet. By the way, thank you to Linuxgurugamer for taking over this mod. This has been a top favorite of mine ever since I found out that you could have first person view. I use it with KAS, and it makes orbital construction of space stations very immersive. This is mod is definitely worthy to be kept alive!
  7. cgjunk2

    [1.1]Hullcam VDS - mod adopted by linuxgamer

    Thank you for the adoption and continued work on this mod!!!!! Although this is my first post, I have been playing since 2013. Ever since I discovered the first-person and the docking ring cameras on this mod, it has been a "required" mod for my installs (along with KIS and KAS). It's the only way to build stations and large ships in orbit. I've been holding off on finishing a large ion powered ship that requires orbital assembly. I started it in 1.1, but once Hullcam became incompatible I kind of gave up took a break from KSP. Last night I downloaded the latest fixes to HullCam, and I will report that I played for about 2 hours, using docking and FP cameras with no problems what so ever that I could tell. Later today I'll probably get a chance to install some Hullcam cameras on the exterior of the ship. I'll report back on how those work (anticipating no problems). Again, a million thanks for all the work being done on this mod!!!